Top 20 Benefits of Yoga

Top 20 Unexpected Benefits of Yoga That You Must Know.

Medically reviewd by Ashley Rosa

Writter by Better Yoga Life Staff

Have you ever wondered why all over the world people are getting more interested in yoga? Each type of community, school, university have now yoga classes. From celebrity to normal people everyone is encouraged to do yoga. If you still don’t know why these all people are performing yoga, then you need to read this article. Here you will get to know the top 20 Unexpected Benefits of Yoga and we are sure that after you read it you will understand why people are addictive with this amazing way exercise.

More Flexibility:

The first and the most obvious benefit that one is going to get from doing yoga on a regular basis is flexibility. Yoga doesn’t only mean seating in a place for a longer period. Doing all those yoga poses can improve your flexibility as all the yoga poses to stretch out our muscles. It tones down the body muscles and gives more strength on the legs, shoulders, arms, and abs. One of the most popular yoga positions that work wonder to improve your flexibility is the plank position. The best thing is, yoga improves flexibility gradually. It is not like you need to be very flexible while performing yoga. Initially, it may seem a little harder, but after practicing different positions you will see the natural outcome of it.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety:

One of the primary reasons for which people start doing yoga is that it helps a lot to reduce our stress level and relieves anxiety. With all the pressure and our daily life problems, we all know how badly we need fresh mental health. To give your mind some relief yoga can be the best way. There are many studies which have found out that doing a 20-minute yoga daily can reduce our stress level at a significant level. Yoga helps to reduce symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD). It is hard to say how yoga actually reduces stress. However, we can say that while doing we give our brain a little rest from all the tensions and we just live in the moment. This eventually helps us to find a sense of peace.

Improved Balance:

A great benefit of doing yoga is that it improves balance. Now when we say balance, it doesn’t only mean your body balance. It means a balance between our mind and our actions. As you practice more you will see that you have more control on your body, on your mind and you can focus more. Your emotions will be stable, and you will get an idea of how to make a balance among your different activities. Basically, doing yoga is a great way to keep your mind still. When you are practicing a pose, it means that you are telling your body to be in that pose. You control your movement, you control your breathing and doing all these you gain a focus towards inward. In this way, yoga gives the stillness to the mind and improves balance.

Boost Energy:

Have you ever wondered how doing yoga, a simple relaxing position can boost up your energy? Now when we talk about increasing energy, we always thought about those hard times that we need to spend at the gym. In yoga, you don’t need to do all that difficult weight lifting things or running 2 hours, but it can still improve your energy level. However, we are not discoursing to go to the gym. There have been some studies which focus on how yoga can increase energy. Basically, while doing yoga it increases a hormone in our body named Cortisol and at the same time, it reduces fatigue. Because of doing yoga daily, this hormone will be always in balance. Moreover, while doing yoga we stretch our muscles and give massage to our internal organs. Hence, it also boots our energy and keep us more active and enthusiastic.

Another main way by which yoga helps us to improve our energy is by deep breathing. As we deeply inhale and exhale it stimulates our nerve system and thus works to boot up our energy level.

Better Breathing:

One of the main activities that you need to do while doing yoga is, you must give focus on your breathing. There has a lot of breathing techniques involved in yoga. All these breathing techniques eventually help us to breathe better. You breathe calmly and deeply in your yoga position and this breathing practice will result in great benefits. First of all, you will feel more relaxed. Then, it also helps to increase the tidal volume and lung capacity. This means yoga will help to increase the holding capacity of air that usually your lung can hold and thus you will have a better breathing experience. As you get better breathing this will help you to stay calm in an emergency or in a suffocated place and will play an important role to reduce pain.

Improve Your Posture:yoga benefits in posture

For some of us, our life has become very monotonous and without any outdoor activities. There are many people who have to sit in front of their computer from morning to night. For this reason, our muscles, bones and joint areas cannot work properly anymore and lose its good posture. Therefore, we badly need good posture training and what can be better to do that than doing yoga. Doing yoga will ensure that all your internal organs, muscles are in good alignment. When you have improved your posture, it will automatically improve your nervous system, skeletal, muscular and circulatory system.

For Weight Loss:

Whenever we think about the concept of weight loss, we always imagine doing hard exercises, diet plans and all that. Yes, these are essential for achieving your weight loss goal. But, how can you do all those exercises and diets if you are not at all focused on your aim? From the very first we are saying that yoga is an exercise for your brain. It helps to reduce stress, calm your mind and make you more focused on your life. Now, we all have that friend in our lives who always complain about weight gain and makes plans about exercise and diet. However, in reality, they never actually do these things, because they are not focused. The first and the most important thing that you need to have before you start your weight loss plan is a calm and focused mind. Yoga is for that. Doing yoga develops mindfulness and it will keep you aware of how different foods affect your body. It will make you conscious while choosing your food items. First, you need a sound mind and only after that, you can get a sound and fit body.

Better Sleep:

It’s no wonder that yoga helps significantly to have a proper sound sleep. People who are suffering from serious insomnia are always advised to try yoga. As doing yoga helps your mind to achieve calmness it will help you to have a proper sleep. People who do yoga they can fall asleep easily and they don’t have any problems during their sleep. We often see that even after sleeping many hours our brain feels dizzy or we feel a headache. The reason is, even after you have slept for many hours maybe you didn’t have a nice sleep. When your mind is not in peace you will have serious troubles with your sleep. Having a proper sleep will also help you to fight against other health issues and it also plays a significant role in your weight loss plan. Therefore, getting better is utmost important and to have that yoga can be the easiest and the best solution.

Low Blood Pressure:

Another great benefit that of doing yoga is, that it helps to keep your blood pressure low. We all know how dangerous it can be to have a high-pressure problem. High pressure is the primary cause of having a heart attack, stroke, memory loss or kidney damage. It is like the root of all your internal organ failures. Therefore, people who have high blood pressure, they really need to work on this issue. While maintaining a good diet it is also important that you keep your stress level down. Getting too much stress, anxiety will ultimately result in high blood pressure and then serious harm. Therefore, you need to keep your street level down. And yoga has that power to do that. Doing yoga helps to reduce stress and it keeps your blood pressure low. Therefore, if you are suffering from high blood pressure you must start doing yoga now. There can be no side effects of this amazing exercise.

Helps the Back:

People who have a problem with back pain, only they can understand how painful it can be. It can affect your work, your mental health everything. Doing yoga can do wonder in this scenario also. doing different yoga poses increase the strength in muscles and it helps to reduce the tension in those stress carrying muscles. Doing yoga means you are stretching your muscles and providing relaxation to them. All the yoga poses are designed in a way which trains our body to become suppler and healthier. By doing some very basic yoga postures and deep breathing you can get a lot of relief for your back pain.

 Improve Concentration:

One of the best and most obvious benefits that you are going to get from doing yoga daily is, that will help you to concentrate more. This is one of the main reasons for which people start to practice yoga. If you think, the whole concept of doing yoga is to stay calm and focus on your breathing and different yoga positions. As you focus on your own breathing it helps you to achieve mental stability. Whether you are a student, job holder or in any profession, it is very common that you get distracted very easily. Especially if you are a student and you cannot concentrate on your studies then yoga can be your best solution. Especially when there is a big exam is coming, no matter how hard you try sometimes for all the stress and tension it happens that you cannot focus at all at your study. For all these situations doing yoga can be really helpful. As you keep your mind calm and stable it will help you to concentrate more. Not only on your work or study, but it also helps to make you more organized in your life.

Better Metabolism:

If you are overwhelmed with all the exercises, diets, and everything, but you also need to work on your health then doing yoga can be beneficial for you. While taking care of your body one of the main things on which you need to work is your metabolism. Metabolism means how our body converts the food we eat into energy. Metabolism depends on many facts, like gender, age and on what kind of activities you daily do. But the main point is that it is very important to have a good metabolism system and yoga can be a great way for that. Doing yoga create effect directly on your internal organs and it also helps to improve your blood circulation. A proper circulatory system is essential to have a good metabolism. While doing yoga as you take deep breathes you provide more oxygen to your brain and that result in good blood circulation through all your body organs and thus it results in better metabolism.

Boosts Brain Power:

Doing yoga not only helps to reduce stress but it also has the ability to boost up our brain function. There have been many studies which have shown that a short session of yoga daily helps to concentrate more and makes your brain to catch more information. We all know that our brain is the main powerhouse of all our activities. Therefore, it is very important that we maintain activities which will help it to do function well. Therefore, next time if your brain is not working properly rather than having caffeine or energy drink do a short 20 minutes of yoga.

Reduce Pain and Relives Aches:

Initially, the reason for doing yoga was only to achieve mental calmness. However, now it is not only about mental health, but it can also assist in to reduce different body pains and relieves aches. Without any harmful medicines, you can ease your body aches and pains just by doing yoga, especially joint pains. The main benefit that we get from doing yoga is that it gives strength to our muscles. Apart from this great benefit it also has the benefit to improve our respiratory function. Respiratory function is the function that works for our body’s mobility. We already have mentioned that how yoga can be beneficial for back pain, but we also like to inform you that you can get amazing results from yoga for your knee pain, neck pain or for lower back pain. Mainly yoga is good for your joints.

There are different yoga positions which are specifically good for each kind of pain. For example, if you are suffering from knee pain then you can try the yogic position called “twisted figure four”. Or if you have neck pain then you can try the “child’s pose”.

Keeps You in Time Track:

With our hectic life, it is getting really difficult for all of us to maintain a good timetable. A good time table is necessary to keep your body healthy. You may be cannot set an alarm for your body, but you can do yoga which will help your body to the clock. “Early to bed and early to rise” this rule can be easily maintained when you are performing yoga on a daily basis. Yoga helps your body to keep the track and you can follow the natural rhythm.

Increase Self-Confidence:

By doing yoga you get more aware about your own body. It establishes a connection between your mind and body. When you have a proper mind-body connection then it increases your self-confidence. Yoga helps you to know yourself better, to know your inner strength. While doing any work you will feel that inner energy, inner inspiration and all because you have a calm and relaxed mind for doing yoga. If you are wondering how yoga does that? Then let’s just briefly explain, while doing yoga you are making very subtle movements in your body, you get in touch with the physical side of yourself. When you know your body, you will feel more comfortable and confident in that and that is why it will increase your self-confidence.

Radiant Skin:

If you ever observe carefully those people who practice yoga, you will see they always have a very natural glow in their face. It is not makeup or anything artificial. It is a natural fresh skin that they got. Ever thought why? Because doing yoga has this amazing benefit which is it will help you to get a radiant and youthful skin. Now, in this case, you cannot expect a result within one month. It will take time. studies have found out that daily yoga can drastically bring change in your skin. By doing yoga you flush out the toxins from your body. As we mentioned before, it helps you to have proper sleep, it improves your metabolism, maintains a good blood circulation and all these eventually help to make your skin beautiful. Your skin will naturally become tighten and firm. We think this is one of the amazing ways to improve your skin condition. You are not using any harmful chemicals or anything. It is like you are getting back your baby skin.

Now we want to mention that, if you have any skin problem then yoga cannot be the only solution. But no matter what type of skin condition you have, it will surely help you a lot.

Improved Memory:

Whoever thought a practice where you just need to do some body positions and deep breathing that can work wonder for your brain. As we keep saying that yoga is all about your mental calmness, it will improve different functions of our brain. One of them is cognitive functioning which is basically enhancing your memory.

 High Sense of Awareness:

Yoga can help you to get a high sense of awareness. Remember what Ross said in Friends (Tv Show)? ‘Unagi” a total awareness. Yes, you can achieve your unagi by performing yoga. Why awareness is important? Awareness is important because it gives you the proper direction for each activity. Having proper awareness means you have proper control over your mind. You know what you are doing, what you are saying or what you are thinking. As you get a sharp sense of awareness you will learn how to think better, hear better, see better and also perceive better. Our mind always swinging back and forth between many thoughts and yoga is a great way to stop this roller coaster ride of your thoughts.  This self-awareness will be your main way to all success.

Becomes Happy:yoga benefits

Last, but not least the greatest benefit that you can get from doing yoga is getting happiness. Yes, it is like a wrap up for all these 19 benefits. If you read all of them, you will see these all are resulting in less pain in your body and in your mind. Yoga introduces you to yourself. You get to know better about yourself. You can achieve your peace of mind that you deserve. Once you have peace in your mind, you know what you need to do with your life. Yoga boots up your confidence and gives relief you from both physical and mental pain and when you don’t have any stress or pain you will be able to live a happy life.

Hope this article was able to help you and encouraged you to start doing yoga. Also, we have reviewed yoga mats and yoga swings which are essential yoga elements, feel free to check them out.

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  1. I’ve been suffering from insomnia since last month, and I don’t want to rely on sleeping pills too much in case I grow dependent on them. I appreciate you letting me know that yoga calms the mind, so it can help significantly in letting people with severe insomnia have a proper sound sleep. I’ll have to visit a yoga studio next week so I can fix my sleeping patterns.

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