Yoga Benefits for Kids

7 Yoga Benefits for Kids | Major Benefits of Yoga Explained

Medically Reviewed by Ashley Rosa

Written by Better Yoga Life Staff

Published on April 20, 2019

Are you looking for an in-depth guide on yoga benefits for kids? Oh, you just have reached on the right page.

Kids go through a lot of pressure during a day, school, homework, extra curriculum activities and so on which they can’t express.

As a parent, you need to do something so that they can relax. You can be always with their bodies but not with their brain which makes it obvious that you won’t notice every time what’s going on in their head.

And a great solution to that is Yoga. I am sure you have heard of it and it is highly beneficial for every human being. However, in this very guide, I am going to show you 10 reason why you should encourage your kids to perform yoga.

Here you go…

Yoga Benefits for Kids

Top yoga Benefits for kids

In case you don’t know, yoga doesn’t require tools or anything. Just a yoga mat will do fine. Since it is about the kid, you have to make sure that they are doing everything appropriately and to be able to do that, first you are the one who needs to be perfect. So learn it well.

Improves Memory

When you perform yoga, you will be focusing on it which enhances the memory and cognitive function. Performing yoga requires the focus of both the body and mind.

You have to pay the maximum attention to your body movement and how exactly the breathing coordinates with the moving body parts.

If your kids perform yoga on a regular basis, it will increase their focusing ability which is very necessary to be grown at that age.

Enhance Social Relationship

Yoga can be performed both individually and in a group. All kids love to do things when they see others at their age doing the same thing. And they are more likely do it with more passion.

Find out if there is any yoga community around you, I am sure there will be. People around you who know the benefit of yoga will surely be there sooner or later.

And the best thing of practicing yoga in a group is there will be a mentor who is experienced and there will be others, so there is no way that your kid will learn the wrongs.

Normally, children’s yoga consists of songs, dances, games, acting, and other fun activities. And all these are done in groups and that is exactly what improves the relationship of your child with others.

Not only that, but it also improves your relationship with your neighbors. All the kid parents will be there and when they spend time, it will obviously build a good relationship.

Gives Flexibility

Performing yoga on a daily basis will give you more flexibility. During practicing yoga, you don’t just stay seating on a pose, you try different poses which increases your body flexibility.

It also tones most of our body muscles and you also gain strength from it. Your entire body leg, hand, arms, abs, all engage and gets strengthen with time.

There are a few poses which engages all the body muscles, and plank is one of them. All these poses might not be very easy at the beginning but they will get easier with time, you just make sure your kid doesn’t avoid even a single day of yoga practice.

Offers Better Sleep

According to several pieces of research, exercising before bed gives good and deep sleep and it has been proved by people. When we get stressed, we can’t sleep doesn’t matter how hard we try and this thing happens with kids also.

You might think, why would your kid be worried about? they are not worried about food or money. Sometimes they also get stressed about their homework, classmate relation, etc. And they won’t even know that they are stressed, obviously.

Practicing yoga before bed with help them to relieve stress. Breathing properly can your mind and also gives you relief from negative emotion. Heavy exercises also do but since it is about kids, yoga will be perfect.

Increases Self-esteem

If you are forcing your kid to practice yoga alone in the house, then they might not be done with dedication. Kids will love to do yoga when they are around other kids who are doing the same thing.

There are a lot of poses in yoga when kids master a pose and see people around them appreciating, it increases their self-esteem and motivates them to do something harder.

And at least for the sake of people’s appreciation, they stick to one thing, they focus on that. One important advice I would like to give you, never demotivated your kid. Doesn’t matter how many time they fail, always tell them that they can do it and you are with them.

Another thing you can do is, offering them a reward if they achieve something. For example, tell if they master a hard yoga pose you will bring them their favorite toy. And trust me, they will put their 100 percent on that.

Improves breathing

Do you know, what is the main thing in yoga that plays a big role in your insider change? It’s breathing. In yoga, there are different types of breathing techniques which are highly beneficial for a healthy life.

The main goal of all these breathing techniques is to help up breath properly. And when start breathing properly, you will get more relaxed. Your tidal volume and lung capacity will increase, the lung capacity means, you will be able to hold more air.

Increases Brain Power

Several studies have shown that practicing short sessions of yoga regularly can boost brain power. Kids tend to have a sharp memory and if they perform yoga on a regular basis, they will become faster in collecting information.


Not only these, but there are also a lot of yoga benefits for kids, these are the major ones. With your kid, I will suggest you also to join yoga and tell your friends and neighbor about the benefits. After all, health is wealth. Q

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