How to Hang Yoga Trapeze from Ceiling

How to Hang Yoga Trapeze from Ceiling?

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Let me guess……you have received your Yoga Trapeze and are racking your brain to how to hang yoga trapeze from ceiling of your apartment. Most people choose to hang a yoga trapeze from the ceiling because it covers less space than a freestanding frame or door frame bar. The stable and permanent place to hang your trapeze is your apartment ceiling. You can use hooks to hang that are easily available from furnishing stores near your home.

Yoga Trapeze is a therapeutic form of yoga swing. It makes all your yoga poses accessible. It is easy to use even for the first time one can create full-body exercises.

What Things to Consider in Yoga Trapeze?

There is a different yoga trapeze for everyone. It also varies according to the ceiling of your room. There are some things to consider while buying your yoga trapeze or hammock.

Weight Bearing Capacity:

Modern yoga swings can hold weights up to 600 pounds or more. Nylon, silk, and taffeta are trustable materials for weight-bearing. Instead of fabrics, you have to consider the durability of frame/ceiling supports, ropes, carabiners, and O-rings to support your body weight.

Length and Width of Fabric:

The main things that differ between both hammocks and swings are the length and width of the fabric. The yoga hammocks have wider seats like silk to sit on. On other hand, yoga swings are thinner but longer swings are used for wrapping your body and hands. Fabric length and width also depend on the pattern or style you use in your practice. A shorter length of silk is easier for beginners and longer silks give more freedom for complex movements.

Type of Fabric:

The yoga trapeze is formed by different fabrics like:

  • Silk
  • Taffeta
  • Parachute-grade nylon
  • Combination of the above blend.

Nylon is less stretchy but silk is most flexible. It is best to join yoga classes to check what type of yoga trapeze will be suitable for you before buying.


Handles assist beginners, they make practice easier for them however, they are not considering complex and standard poses. Modern yoga swings have handles but traditional hammocks include them.

Suspension Method:

Check whether or not a new equipment setup existing suspension system. While permanent hanging, the use of ceiling hooks will be ideal which are easily available in home goods stores or from any hardware store? Hooks are extremely stable and mount to the ceiling with the power drill.

How to Hang or Install Yoga Trapeze from Ceiling?

Honestly, this is the piece of cake to hang a yoga trapeze. You need heavyweight hooks or ceiling hooks, and a powerful drill machine to adjust hooks in concrete. This is extremely easy and affordable to install. There are some instructions that you get through while installing a setup:

Hooks Adjustment:

For installing hooks in the ceiling the required apparatus consists of:

Powerful Drill:

  • A wrench
  • Two Ceiling Hooks
  • Expanding Concrete bolt
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure

An extendable ladder:

The complicated task in this procedure is to mount the ceiling concrete. It requires an electric drill to make a pilot hole in solid concrete. After creating pilot holes the very next step is to screw the plate with the help of a wrench to the ceiling tightly and strongly. Two bolts per plate are required.

 Install the Right Mounting Bar:

The mounting bar is similar to the pull-up bar. Attach a sturdy, rock-solid mounting bar securely to give priority to your safety. Chose that mounted bar that can hold your body weight and give you free movement to release your body weight. Ceiling hooks, bars, and even trapeze you purchase are weight limited. This will help you to choose the right mount bar. The ideal trapeze holds 450 (207) lbs but in reality, it holds up to 600 lbs (750kg).

You shouldn’t be unaware that when you are in the air, your weight multiplies due to gravity. So, installing the right mount bar is necessary.

Required Space:

Using trapeze, the availability of adequate space is highly important. 9 feet area from the ceiling to the ground is ample space around the trapeze. For your pose’s direction, 9 feet diameter is safe ( 4.5 feet in front and back).

Mark the area needed for your legs and arms while practicing your beloved exercise and leave an extra one foot to make your practice comfortable. Don’t underestimate the space you own, look around and get the actual measurement. Every house is different in construction; therefore try to take reasonable space before deciding to install a yoga swing from the ceiling.

Seek Help:

Think about all the possible hindrance factors you can face which cause any type of damage. You don’t desire to damage your house. If you are 100 percent sure and confident that your house ceiling can accommodate your setup then check the whole area which is available to you. If still, you have any questions or problems having no possible solutions, contact the expertise to release that tension. It can add to the cost but the injury is worse than this.

Time of Installation of Yoga Trapeze:

After installing the mounting bar, and selecting a safe place, now it’s time to hang the yoga trapeze. This will be the final stage. Before you hang it, check once more all the safety and durability of pieces of your equipment to make sure the right setup. At this final stage, when you will satisfy with the placement, try to test the setup before you enjoy your therapeutic sessions.

 Ceiling Hooks for Yoga Trapeze:

Hooks are permanent fixtures that are attached to your ceiling to hang a yoga swing/yoga hammock, yoga trapeze, or other aerial fitness equipment. They are made with heavy-duty materials like iron and steel and are designed to bear a great load. These are safe for yoga trapeze to hang from your apartment ceiling if it is placed or installed correctly.

Yoga Trapeze Ceiling Hooks are permanent fixtures attached to your ceiling that can be used to hang a yoga swing/yoga hammock, yoga trapeze, aerial silks, or other aerial fitness equipment.

Let’s see and choose which hook will be right for your yoga trapeze:

1. YOGABODY Ceiling Hooks:

This type of hook is on the top of the list because they’re exceptional, well-made and specially designed for yoga trapeze. It can bear 300 lbs (600 lbs when two hooks are used).

2. Dimok Battle Rope Anchor Ceiling Mount:

These are amazing strong hooks that are rust-resistant and strong stainless steel. It consists of:

  • Suspension hooks
  • Two main brackets
  • Pair of strong carabiners
  • They can bear 750 lbs of weight.

3. X-Mount Hook:

These are made up of strong steel welded together and can bear 330 lbs weight per hook. There is no carabiner with this.

 4. Best house Innovation Heavy Duty Swing Hangers:

These are the best house innovation heavy-duty hangers for swings that can bear 800 lbs weight for each. A 360-degree swivel device is also attached to it which makes it freely moveable. 

5. Safari Swings Tire Swing Swivel Hanger:

This is a heavy-duty solid with 360-degree rotation for spinning movements. Its weight limit is 400 lbs each. A carabiner is also included in it.

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