Best Pilates Ring Exercises

Best Pilates Ring Exercises & Benefits.

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If you practice pilates ring you will know that it is a low-impact exercise which aims to strengthen the muscles and improve postural alignment as well as flexibility. For this Pilates ring exercise you can get a Pilates ring. It is a simple device that is really effective. It can help improve your posture and core strength. However, similar to any type of fitness equipment, it is important to know how to use pilates ring effectively so that it gives you the best results you are looking for. It is also important to know best Pilates ring exercises to pursue with it.

What is a Magic Circle or Pilates Ring?

A magic circle or Pilates ring is a Pilate’s tool which has been made by founder Joseph Pilates. It aims to aid practitioners find their center. The circle is meant to behave like a secondary prop. All Pilates mat exercises are able to be done without using a magic circle. However, because these are lightweight as well as inexpensive, moreover possess many purposes in the Pilates practice, rings have actually become popular props that one can employ at home and even when in the studio.

The circle is made using flexible metal or even rubber and is about 13 inches in diameter. It has small pads present on either side which aim to cushion the hands, thighs, as well as ankles. With the help of the Pilates ring, you can add resistance to moves, and also increase the burn plus build lean muscle.

You will get a challenging element to a workout when you add a Pilates ring to it. It can help activate muscles and that at a deeper level. When you apply tension to this ring, it gives increased resistance to your muscles in return.

Who should Use a Pilates Ring?

The Pilates workout method tends to benefit many exercisers of different strength levels as well as ages. Therefore many people can use it. It helps in promoting body stability, strength, along with endurance. Those who want to do exercises at home, can consider getting a best pilates rings. It will help them with the exercises.

If you want to get stronger muscles you can use a ring as it adds extra resistance to the muscles which aids in developing strength. If you want to add more resistance to the Pilates workout therefore allowing the heart muscles to work harder, consider getting a Pilates ring.

Top 5 Best Pilates Ring Exercises:

If you are investing in a Pilates ring, you will probably be interested in knowing best Pilates ring exercises to pursue with it. A magic circle is able to give resistance and even promote good form. This is in different mat along with standing Pilates exercises. You will get muscular feedback as well as gentle-to-moderate resistance when carrying out the Pilates movement. Keep in mind that it is not meant to give you a heavy strength workout.

Some exercises where you can use the Pilates ring to strengthen and tone the upper body are low diagonal ring, middle ring, the high diagonal ring, halo ring, the Pilates ring biceps as well as Pilates ring side press.

Those who want to strengthen the lower body, you can pursue the side-lying leg press, standing leg press, lean back, and also palm press with the magic circle.

The following tells you of 5 Pilates ring exercises for beginners in details:

  • Upper Body – SWAN:

Upper Body – SWAN is a good exercise that you can do for your upper body with the Pilates ring. You will begin by lying on the front having your forehead on the mat. The legs need to be turned out and your hip distance apart. The Pilates ring must be positioned in front of the forehead, upon its side, having the bottom pad facing down upon the ground. The heels of your hands should be pressing down upon the top pad, and facing up.

You should inhale so as to prepare yourself. Then exhale whilst pulling the shoulders down then away from the ears. You should lift the lower abdominals then press the heels of the hands down upon the circle. You need to raise the head as well as upper body off from the floor. When you are doing this, you will need to maintain the length within the back area of the neck having the crown of the head lengthening forwards. It is necessary to lift to the fullest upper back extension, whilst engaging the glutes.

Then inhale whilst you gently melt the front area of the body back down within the mat. At the same time release the resistance upon the ring. You can repeat this four to even six times.

  • Upper Body – TRICEP PRESS:

Begin standing with the feet being shoulder distance apart. Put the Pilates ring within the heels of the hands behind the back, having your elbows slightly bent as well as the arms parallel.

When you are in this position, inhale to prepare yourself. You should then exhale so as to press the heels of the hands upon the soft pads, whilst drawing them together, developing tension upon the ring. Make certain that the squeeze of the ring is actually controlled. Do this without lifting the shoulders into the ears.

You need to then inhale so as to release the tension upon the ring. You can repeat this eight to 12 times.

  • Double leg stretch:

You need to lie on the back having a small folded towel present under the head. Put the balls of your feet in the top area of the ring then hold the opposite side having your palms facing in the direction towards you. After this you should strengthen out your legs so as to stretch the hamstrings. The tailbone needs to remain on the floor. When a few seconds have passed, gentle squeeze your thigh muscles so that you can increase the stretch. You can hold this stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds.

  • Single leg stretch:

For Single leg stretch exercise you will need to lie upon the back placing a small folded towel beneath the head. Put the ball of one of your foot within the ring, whilst holding the opposite side of this ring with the palms facing towards you. You need to strengthen out your leg so that you can stretch the hamstring. It is necessary to straighten out your other leg particularly along the floor. If you want to increase the stretch within the ring leg, you can squeeze the thigh muscle. One can hold this for a minimum of 30 seconds. Repeat it on the other side.

  • Rollback plus twist with the ring:

If you want to do Rollback plus twist exercise you will need to sit up tall placing the ring between the knees. The arms should be out to the sides moreover slightly ahead of the shoulders. Exhale and squeeze upon the ring then hinge back from your hips having the chest proud. Make sure that your lower back does not round.

Whilst you hinge back, turn your chest so that it is on one side. The arms must be following this movement. As you inhale you should hold this position. Exhale moreover sit back up whilst you turn your chest back so that it is in line with your knees. You can repeat until fatigue. You may alternate the direction of this twist every time.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Ring Exercise?

The following presents you with Pilates ring exercise benefits:

  • You can get stronger muscles as the ring is able to increase additional resistance to ones muscles. This helps one in developing strength.
  • The Pilates ring can help with improved balance. This is because it gives more resistance, therefore engaging the core to complete exercises and enhancing your stability.
  • You can get a stronger heart as the ring adds more resistance to one’s Pilates workout. This leads to the heart muscles working harder therefore allowing them to be stronger and even more endurable.


It is possible to work muscles in different areas of your body with the help of a Pilates ring. This depends on the Pilates exercise that you are doing. It is a good idea to get this piece of equipment as it can help enhance your Pilates workout. There are many different exercises present that you can do with it. It depends on which area you are focusing on. When looking for a Pilates ring, you will see that there are a variety available in the market. It is important to choose the best one for your needs. The magic circle should be made of some flexible metal, composite, or maybe fiberglass which is covered with plastic, foam, rubber, or a certain kind of molded padding. Padding on the ring allows the equipment to be more versatile and simpler to use whilst doing some exercises. The magic ring is available in different sizes. You can try out the various sizes so that you can get the one you are comfortable with. You can potentially make a Pilates ring at home, but it is tough to get the correct size, weight, etc. of it. This is why it may be better to buy one.

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