Best Yoga Bags for Men

Best Yoga Bags for Men 2024 (Ultimate Guide).

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Are you searching for yoga bags for men that are able to carry your yoga gear? It is tough carrying all of this at once. If you are able to get a good yoga bag, it will be possible to easily bring all your essentials and not forget anything at home when you are going for your yoga practice. It can be confusing choosing which bag to get as there are many available in the market. You will definitely want to get something that is functional and strong. It should look masculine as well.

If you have a well-organized yoga mat bag, it can allow your yoga regimen to be more organized. When it comes to a best yoga mat bag for men, it should be made to accommodate your yoga mat along with accessories. You should find it convenient holding the bag and taking it to the yoga studio. We have complied a list of the top 5 best yoga bags for men which can help accommodate different essentials like your laptop, smartphone, accessories, etc. You can check out the different options and choose the one that will be perfect for your needs and your situation. It is important to do your research carefully before choosing any bag so that you end up with the best one.

How to Choose Yoga Bags for Men?

If you want to get the best yoga bags for men, you need to know what points to keep in mind when choosing a bag like this. All yoga mat bags as well as carriers may look similar. However there are some subtle differences which will allow a certain bag to be one that you love or it may be one that you throw away in your closet. The following are tips to keep in mind when choosing the yoga bag:

  • Measure of Yoga Mat:

When looking for the best yoga mat bags for men, you will need to measure your yoga mat carefully. Most bags that you will find will be able to fit the standard-sized yoga mats, i.e. 68” L x 24” W.

Despite this, it is better to measure your yoga mat. Check the measurements of the bag that you want to get if you want to avoid always trying to squeeze the yoga mat into the bag after your class. It is indeed annoying doing this when you are in a hurry.

If your mat is extra thick or even extra-long, you need to be careful. This is because many bags will not be strong enough to carry the heavy mat. These can end up breaking soon or they simply will not be able to fit the mat in the bag therefore being useless.

  • Style:

You can now find many yoga bag styles. You can get totes, slings, backpacks, some oversized carriers, etc. It depends on what you want.

You should consider whether you want a yoga bag that is a no-frill along with minimalist one. Some people may want to get a multi-purpose bag which is able to easily fit in their valuables, clothes, towel, a water bottle, yoga block, etc. If you experience pains in the back, you may want to get a backpack-style mat carrier rather than a huge horizontal one-shoulder tote bag.

Finding out what you require and narrowing down the options to what seems the most convenient can save you time.

  • Material:

When it comes to the material of the yoga bag, your choice must depend upon your requirements and lifestyle.

For instance if you are someone who is conscious about the environment and want to shop locally and responsibly, you can select yoga bags that are made of jute, recycled fabrics, organic cotton, as well as hemp.

If you are practicing hot yoga or if you sweat much, you can select a bag that is made of some breathable material. It can have special ventilation present for clothes and mat so as to stop the smell of sweat and bacterial growth from being present.

Those who walk or cycle to a studio instead of taking the bus or driving, can select water-and stain-resistant materials so as to keep the mat along with your personal belongings safe from rain and dirt.

  • Yoga Bag Pockets, Closure System & Straps:

It is important to know that yoga mat bags as well as carriers come with and without pockets. These pockets may be present in an external area, hidden within the bag, moreover secured by some zip, a magnetic snap or maybe a Velcro.

Those who prefer to leave their wallet at home when they are going to the studio, can choose a bag with zipped pockets. You can keep your keys, money, etc. here. There are certain bags that have padded pouches or some spacey compartment present for a tablet or laptop. This bag will be helpful to those people who are checking in their yoga class immediately after or before going to work.

You can find yoga mat bags that have two short straps or maybe a long shoulder- or some cross-body strap. The straps that are adjustable to be able to fit your body size are good. They can be padded so that they do not butt against the skin at the time that you are carrying your heavy mat.

Top 5 Best Yoga Bags For Men

The following presents you with 5 best yoga mat bags for men that you can consider getting:

1. Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag:

Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag is 30” L X 6” diameter from the Gaiam brand. It looks fashionable whilst still being functional. The fabric is 100% cotton. The shoulder straps are adjustable allowing you to customize the bag’s length. There is an expandable and roomy front pocket that you can put your essentials in. There is a phone pocket present on the back that has ear buds slit.


  • All-in-one bag allowing you to carry your mat, yoga accessories as well as more items
  • Adjustable strap letting you get the perfect size bag
  • Zipper and pockets


  • You may find its size small

2. Yoga Addict Large Yoga Mat Bag and Carriers:

Yoga Addict Large Yoga Mat Bag and Carriershas a 28” Length x 8” Diameter. This can therefore fit most yoga mats that are up to 26” wide allowing there to still be sufficient room to store your extras. However you cannot put your yoga blocks in it. It is an easy to use and convenient bag. There is an adjustable shoulder strap that lets you customize the bag’s length letting it be comfortable to hold. You will get an expandable front compartment that has enough space to put your phone, keys, books, etc. in.

There is a zippered outside compartment along with a mesh zippered inside pocket that can store extra items. The design of the bag is durable and also functional. The durable material it is made from has a ventilation eyelet that lets air flow to be present. This lets the bag and also mat to remain fresh and dry. You will get a sturdy bag that is made from premium polyester that is strong and lightweight in nature.


  • Made with durable fabric
  • Variety of colors available
  • Preferable size yoga mat bag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Has an inside pocket


  • Cannot store yoga blocks

3. Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Carrier:

Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Carrier is made from 100% polyester. It features a huge storage pocket that you can place your phone, keys, along with other personal items in. There are adjustable straps present so that you can make the bag the perfect size. You will get an external pocket allowing you to store your valuables in it. The bag has a 13.7” strap along with 5” x 8”pocket. It is good for different mat sizes. The bag is 7.87 x 7.87 x 1.14 inches.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Large storage pocket
  • Made with 100% polyester


  • Can only spot clean so you may find it tough to clean

4. Manduka Breathe Easy Yoga Mat Carrier Bag:

Manduka Breathe Easy Yoga Mat Carrier Bag is one of the best yoga mat bags for men because it is portable and lightweight. It has a minimalist design. The bag is able to fit in any small to medium size yoga mats. The carrier bag is designed to carry only your yoga mat. It has a slim along with sleek design that provides one with mobility and style. The bag is a fully zippered one. It is made from breathable synthetic mesh which encourages air flow. It is durable in nature. The product details are 26.5” x 6.5” x 6.5”. You can hand wash it.


  • Environmentally-friendly bag
  • Made with breathable synthetic mesh
  • Easy to wash


  • No additional pockets present.

5. Gaiam Studio to Street Yoga Mat Bag:

Gaiam Studio to Street Yoga Mat Bag is a structured nylon bag that has straps. It can hold a yoga mat that is up to 6mm. It has a large zipper opening allowing to be easy to pack. There are exterior pockets where you can put your water bottle, phone as well as other essentials. There are interior pockets also. The bag features a detachable shoulder strap. Its dimensions are 17.72” x 13” x 9.05”.


  • Detachable shoulders
  • Has extra pockets
  • Has much space


  • Some customers claim that the bag is a little flimsy.

How We Evaluated?

We have complied the list after keeping in mind the quality, features, as well as designs of the bags. Many users of different e-commerce sites have brought these bags. The yoga bags we have selected are able to help you carry yoga essentials along with other important accessories easily.

When selecting the best yoga bags for men, we kept in mind the sturdiness of the bag. It is important that you get a strong bag which will last. It must be able to handle the weight of the items within it.

The size of the bag matters. You need to be able to get the one that will fit in your yoga mat and other essentials easily. We kept the size of the bag in mind.

We looked at whether the bag has any extra pockets. These are helpful as they allow you to store your essentials in easily. You will not need to get an extra bag for this.

Another features that we considered is whether the bag has adjustable shoulder straps. These make it easy for it to hold. The bag should also be lightweight. The strap must be adjustable so that you can customize it to fit.

When selecting yoga bags, we also kept in mind whether the brand and bag are environmentally-friendly. We have also considered the design of the bag. It is important that the bag look good when you are holding it. Therefore we have listed those that men can easily hold and look good whilst doing this.

Machine-washable bags are helpful because they will be easy to wash. Yoga mats can get dirty especially if you use them daily. Therefore it is a good idea to get a yoga bag that is made of material that is simple to wash within the machine.


Yoga enthusiasts know the importance of getting good-quality yoga mat bags for men. The bag must be able to carry your mat, water bottles, as well as other belongings. The bags are present in different designs. It is important to get something that is simple to clean. It should be lightweight so that you can hold it easily. Make sure to choose something that will last for much time. When looking for a bag, keep in mind what you want it to have. You may want something that provides alternate uses. If this is the case, find out the amenities that it may provide, such as a laptop or even shoe compartment. Find something that has a versatile strap which allows it to be easy and hassle-free to carry the bag.

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