How to Hang Yoga swing

How to Hang Yoga Swing?

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Have you got your yoga swing, and are you worried about how to hang yoga swing? Don’t bother, we are going to help you. For hanging yoga swing, you need to keep a keen eye to figure out where a place to hang? The fastest and easiest is probably an outdoor setup. It can be done quickly and easily by hanging rigs over beams, tree branches, or over a swing set at a park.

For weather-proof and more permanent safety options, you can set up a yoga swing on the ceiling of your bedroom or in the garage with the help of a beam. Of course, every house is different, so use this guide and also consult with the constructor and professional builder.

Is It Important To Hang A Yoga Swing Safely?

No matter how heavy or light you are, there is a lot of strain on yoga swing equipment. It takes all your body weight as you are moving about. If this setup is not fitted securely, there can be a serious risk of your falling which can cause injuries and make you unable to take part in your practice.

For your anti-gravity workout in yoga, these pieces of equipment must be installed correctly. If they are not installed correctly, you will be unable to do your beloved practice. It could also spell a disaster.

Safety Measures to Consider for Installation of Yoga Swing:

The first and foremost task is to think about the place where you are going to hang your yoga swing. Where you hang swing is not an issue, how safe the area is most important. Two things you must keep in mind; are the ceiling or beam or rod, whatever thing you are using where you are going to hang swings secure enough to bear your weight, and are there any obstructions?

Make sure the beam which you are going to use is strong and is not subjected to any type of damage, such as weather exposure, termites attack, or general wear and tear which can weaken it. If you find any sort of damage or you feel the beam is not safe then call any professional who can add reinforcement to it.

Don’t adjust your pieces of equipment where you are unable to practice due to obstructions. Furthermore, it is worth fitting where there is a chance of bumping into anything or having not enough room to attempt all the required poses. So, make sure there is enough room between the floor and yoga swing for inversions. The recommended height of ceiling, beam, or rod for a hanging yoga swing is 300cm, but some experts also agreed on 240cm.

Finally, your apparatus meets all your needs in different aspects. Check the durability of pieces of equipment and the capacity of your yoga swing; it is designed to bear as much as 600lb loads. This keeps you relaxed and confident during practice.

Tips for Installation of Yoga Swing:

If you have selected the area and are confident about the security of the hanging yoga swing, and you have all the required pieces. Now, you get the ball rolling for the installation process.

You can locate the ceiling beams by using the stud finder. It is important to notice that the thickness of the rod and size of the beam is accurate. A 2 x 4 beam is not strong or wide enough; you have to choose at least a 4×4 or 2×6, something larger can be also worthwhile.

You will need the beams which are parallel to each other. One for each of the ceiling hooks. The ideal place to adjust swing hooks will be in the center of the beam or rod, this will provide more stability.

Use different drill bits for wood and concrete material. The drill bit is specific according to the material. As said, when you drill a hole in mounts, it is important to keep in mind to use a drill according to the material in which you are adjusting the bolts. Inaccurate drills will not be suitable to create holes for placing bolts deeply.

It is also worth noting that drill the holes deeply so that screws/hooks can be fitted securely to the ceiling, beam, or rod without any threat of falling the swig. For creating a snug fit, you may need an expansion bolt.

Once the bolts are placed safely and tightly, you can choose Daisy chain straps and feed them with ceiling hooks, and position them to a height that is suitable for a yoga swing to hang from any of the loops.

After the placement, it is necessary to test your setup before enjoying your beloved yoga practice.

Methods of Your Yoga Swing Installation:

1). Omni Stand:

  • Using an Omni stand is as easy as 1.2.3…
  • Hook the hanging carabiners into the ring which is located at the top of the stand and voila.
  • Two large carabiners should attach to outside springs, and later small carabiners should attach to the middle of the spring.

 2). With Ceiling Beams:

  • Use Daisy Chains or rope or spring to hang your yoga swing from the closed loop on the ceiling beam.
  • Less than 4×4 inches of beam thickness is not recommended for installing the swing. The thickness of the beam should be 4×4 inches or 2×6 inches for a secure fit.

3). Using the 3-SpringTrapeze and Eyebolt: 

  • First attaches loose-hanging carabiners that are 3 in numbers into a swivel, then with a free carabiner. You can also hang the swing from any heavy-duty iron or steel eye bolt screwed in vertically to the rod or a tree in an open area
  • A 2 x 4 inches beam is not recommended for screwing the eyebolt. this is not durable and does not screw the eyebolt horizontally, it may break.

4). With Ropes:

  • Heavy-duty nylon rope with at least 3 or 4 inches thick can be used at your outdoor gear store or local hardware store.
  • At least 3/4″ thick heavy-duty nylon rope, you can choose from local hardware or outdoor gear stores. Wrap the rope around your strong ceiling beam, timber, or tree using knots of your own choice.
  • Keep in mind to use a piece of leather or a towel between the rope and anchor. This will prevent the rope from “burning” and “cutting”.

5). Over the Door Daisy Chains:

  • Limit the usage, mobility, and versatility when you use well secure and strong wall hooks, or a stable and strong closed door. You can only do basic stretches and training on them.

6). In Your Bedroom:

  • It is hard to find a place in other parts of the house, the bedroom can be ideal for your yoga swing. Give up the bed frame and use a mattress instead of that on the floor.
  • Place an Omni Stand and hang a yoga swing. It will be a perfect combination and will also enhance the beauty of your room.
  • Now, both strand and swing can be used for pleasurable proposals to promote love and peace in the home.

 Dos & Don’ts in Hang a Yoga Swing!

Safety is the top priority while hanging your swing. The following points must be in your mind during making a set-up.

  • Don’t choose a suffocating place, find a place that allows you to attempt your all desired poses.
  • Don’t try to complete the installation if you are not well aware and confident that you have the related necessary skills.
  • Do invest in more authentic and high-quality equipment.

 We hope that these installing guide methods have helped. Good Luck!!!

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