Sanuk yoga mat flip flops

Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops – 9 Things You Need to Know.

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Written by Better Yoga Life Staff

Published on May 5, 2022

If you are a fan of flip-flops, then what we are here to share with you today will no doubt be the best news ever. Aside from having all the regular features that you find in flip flops, the manufacturer of what we are about to share here set out to put a smile on your face with every step. What we are about to share with you right here is no other than Sanuk yoga mat flip flops.

Designed to give you that comfy and causal touch, this flip flop has all the features you need to enjoy a walk in the park with friends or move around your home. If you desire comfort with a touch of class, you shouldn’t think twice about getting this sanuk flip flops.

What is Sanuk Flip Flops?

The manufacturer of these flip flops has the reputation of always wanting to put smiles on people’s faces. Their name Sanuk which means FUN in Thai clearly shows that they are out to make everyone happy in their little way and that’s exactly what yoga mat flip flops sanuk is all about. 

Their motto “Smile, Pass It On.” clearly shows that you will have the best of what this flip flop has to offer. The company put in their best to satisfy you with their yoga mat flip flops Sanuk. If you want to know more about this flip flop, all you have to do is read the review of Sanuk yoga mat flip flops that we are about to share here. 

Features of Sanuk Flip Flops:

1. Natural Materials:

When you buy Sanuk sandals, you can be sure of the quality you are getting the quality that you desire. Made from natural materials with a high level of durability and comfort, this flip flop gives the best. The manufacturer of this yoga mat flip flops Sanuk tries to replicate the comfort you get from a yoga mat when you walk on it by using materials used to manufacture yoga mats.

The materials used for manufacturing these scandals include linen, cotton, straw, hemp, jute, cork, yulex natural rubber, and others. The combination of all these natural materials gives that durable and comfortable touch that you can’t find in any other flip flop.

2. Vegan:

There is nothing as good as being concerned about the animals in the wild. The manufacturer of this flip flop strongly believes in the conversation of our wildlife. Hence, all the materials used to make this flip flop are 100% free of animal products or byproducts. With this, you can feel so good that you are not hurting an animal when you feel good in your yoga mat flip flops Sanuk. 

3. Recycled Materials:

Aside from being good ambassadors of wildlife conservation, they are also concerned about the environment. To contribute to the fight against environmental pollution, the manufacturer of this flip flop uses reincarnated rubbish such as polyester, foams, cotton, EVA, and other recycled products

4. Machine Washable:

The best part about a snuk flip flop is the fact that you can wash it in your washing machine without damaging it. The design of this flip flop allows you to wash, and dry it without it getting damaged.

Why Should I Buy Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops?

1.Extremely comfortable:

If you are the type that always stays on your feet for long hours, then this is exactly what you need. The design of Sanuk flip flops provides all that you need to cushion your heels while you stand. The yoga mat like the sole of the scandals makes it easy for you to prevent the pain that comes with standing for a long time or walking a distance.

2. Small and compact:

When considering what to or not to take for travel due to the restrictions in the size of luggage, you won’t have to worry about where Sanuk sandals will fit in. This flip flop was designed to suit your needs when going on a travel. It’s a thin and lightweight flip flop that you can easily fold to fit in a small space. With this, you can easily take it along with you wherever you go.

3. Cushioned with a yoga mat:

Despite being a flat and lightweight scandal, this flip flop has all it takes to support your weight. Just like a yoga mat, it bounces back to its organic whenever you lift your legs off the floor. With this, you will have a cushion effect on your feet with every step you take.

4. Padded straps:

Unlike other flip flops that leave blisters on your feet when you wear them, the Sanuk yoga mat flop flop was designed with lightly padded sandal straps. With this, you will be able to keep your feet in a comfortable state while you move around.

5. Colorful scandals :

The manufacturer of this flip flop made sure that there are many options to choose from. When you want to get yours, you won’t run out of options to consider. There are multiple-choice of colors to choose from

6. Padded straps:

Rubbing and blisters are the major problems you are possibly going to encounter when you wear sandals. But the manufacturer of this flip flops has been able to avoid this common problem by designing them in such a way that they had lightly padded straps and toe straps. With this, you will be able to avoid this problem.

7. True to size :

There is nothing as good as getting exactly what you requested when it comes to size. When you buy this flip flop, you will get exactly the size that you requested and this will meet up with the standards of sizing.

8. No-slip traction :

One of the Disadvantages of wearing flip flop is the high tendency you slipping when walking on a surface with low friction. This issue was avoided in yoga flip flops with the inclusion of a hardened EVA outsole and slightly textured footbed

What You Might Not Like About  Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops?

  • Sanuk yoga mat flip flop is water-friendly but not water proof. Therefore, you need to avoid excessive use of water on it
  • Compared to other flip flops on the market, it’s expensive
  • It offers little protection to sharp objects or your edge toes.

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