Gaiam Duffle Yoga Mat Bag Review

Gaiam Duffle Yoga Mat Bag Review – 9 Things You Need to Know.

Medically reviewd by Ashley Rosa

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If you want to switch up your workouts, yoga might be right for you. It’s worked for people all over the world. To make sure you can do it anywhere and everywhere on the go, check out our Gaiam duffle yoga mat bag review.

Yoga bags are nothing but the dynamic blend of art and craft and functionality. They are really a perfect mate of yoga lovers, who avidly carry their paraphernalia to yoga studios just to ensure that nothing is misplaced or lost.

In A Hurry? Here’s My Verdict about Gaiam Duffle Yoga Mat Bag.

The Gaiam Duffle Yoga Mat Bag is a functional and stylish bag for yoga, Pilates and other fitness classes. It is available in an assortment of colors.The black design looks stylish, allowing you to carry it confidently. This bag is available in one size and makes a great gift for any yoga enthusiast in your life!

What is Gaiam Duffle Yoga Mat Bag?

The Gaiam duffle yoga mat bag is a soft-sided yoga mat bag that can hold all your essentials for practice.

First Impression:

The Gaiam duffle yoga mat bag is a great little companion for your yoga mat. The wet grip technology of Gaiam duffle yoga mat bag that prevents it from slipping. The closer you get to the end, the more it expands to fit your mat in place. If you find yourself traveling often for work or play, you know that sometimes your home hotel doesn’t offer up their towels and washcloths. This bag holds both of those! It also has 2 drawstrings made out of mesh so you can carry any sweat or odor with you without making a mess or adding any extra weight. There is plenty of space inside to add some shoes or anything else you need on the go.

Comfort & Stability:

The bag is complete with padded backpack straps. As a result, you do not feel any discomfort when carrying the bag.

Dry Grip:

Do not worry about the element of grip. The reason is that you can easily hold this bag with dry hands also.

Wet Grip:

The Gaiam duffle yoga mat bag has wet grip technology for easy gripping.

Weight & Portability:

Its lightweight material makes it great for travel, as it folds flat when not in use and weighs less than most plastic bags.


There are plenty of reasons to clean your yoga mat bag. Maybe you notice the outside is looking a bit worse for wear, and you want to keep it in tip top condition. Perhaps it smells a bit funky, and you’re keen to get rid of the odour. Or maybe your mat is getting grubby, and you want to prevent dust transfer from your bag. Whatever the reason, it’s worth keeping your bag in good shape.

The good news is that cleaning your yoga mat bag is really easy — here are some tips.

If your yoga mat bag is machine washable, then there’s nothing to worry about — simply pop it into the washer with similar colours and give it a gentle cycle or hand wash at 30°C in mild detergent. Once washed, leave it to air dry naturally before using again.

If your yoga mat bag isn’t machine washable, first check the label for any special care instructions. If there are none, then cleaning should be pretty easy — spot clean problem areas with lukewarm water and mild detergent on a sponge or cloth (or use a specialist cleaner) and let it dry naturally afterwards. Check instructions before washing the bag.


It features an internal pocket for a wallet or keys and a zipper closure for security.Drainage holes prevent your yoga mat from getting wet. This stylish, oversized bag features a roomy main compartment, top and side handles, plus a sturdy top carrying handle for easy lifting. The zip up front flap provides quick access to all your essentials.


The durable polyester material is easy to wipe clean, and the long zip top makes finding your favorite yogi essentials a breeze. It has water-resistant TPU coating which protects the wear and tear of the bag and keeps the mats safe.

Plus it’s made from recycled material so you can feel good about using something that’s better for the environment compared to other bags out there.

Final Verdict:

This versatile duffle bag is perfect for taking to the office or the gym. The large center compartment and Velcro straps hold yoga mats securely. You should not miss out the opportunity to buy this Yoga mat bag right away.

If you have any questions related to the bag, then do not miss out on the chance to communicate with the manufacturer. The benefit is that you will be in a position to address your concerns at the spur of the moment.

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