Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag Review

Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag Review – 9 Things You Need to Know.

Medically reviewd by Ashley Rosa

Writter by Better Yoga Life Staff

When yoga is performed, the poses and the breathing techniques help the body to release stress and relax. In this exercise, several things are involved. The first thing is the yoga mat bag for carrying your yoga gears. As you plan to start your practice, you should make sure that you have these items. A lot of people do not realize that they need a lot of stuffs in order to successfully start doing yoga. You should make sure that you have everything before going to a class or practicing at home. We will just make your quest easy by giving you walkthrough of Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag Review.

In A Hurry? Here’s My Verdict about Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag.

You can take your yoga practice on the go with the comfy, lightweight, and breathable Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag. With a spacious main compartment and two pockets, you can carry all of your essentials in style. The bag features a cinch closure, side pockets for keys or accessories, and a convenient cell phone pocket right on the strap. Inside: There is an open slot where you can tuck in your mat and secure it with a tie cord so it won’t slip out. Or you can actually leave your mat outside of the bag and just use it to store props such as blocks or straps.

What is Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag?

The Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag is designed to hold any standard or premium-thickness yoga mat and features an adjustable strap and convenience pockets. The convenient pocket on the front of the bag fits your keys, money & phone.

First Impression:

This yoga bag is designed for your active lifestyle. The Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag is the perfect way to carry your mat, water bottle, and other essentials to and from class. The top slips open to easily slide your yoga mat into place and includes two easy-to-reach zip pockets  where you can keep items of your choice.

Comfort & Stability:

Made with a soft, lightweight material this travel mat bag is padded. It adds to your comfort and you can carry it with ease.

Dry Grip:

You can confidently carry this bag around with a solid grip even if you have dry hands.

Wet Grip:

The Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag is made from a moisture absorbing microfiber that has been fashioned from recycled materials. As a result, you can even hold this bag with wet hands.

Weight & Portability:

The Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag is made from a lightweight material. As a result, it will be easy for you to carry the bag around.


The most effective way to clean your mat bag is by using plain water. You can spray the water from any sprayer or use a soft cloth dabbed in water. If you need to scrub away any stubborn dirt on your mat bag, use a soft side brush. The best part about this method is that it will not damage the texture of your mat bag and will keep it looking new for a long time.

Towel dry your Yoga mat bag after spraying the water on it. You can use old newspapers or paper towels to pat it dry and make sure that all the excess water has been soaked up. Be careful while handling your wet Yoga bag as it can cause mildew and mold if left damp. Always leave the Yoga mat out in fresh air to dry completely before folding and storing it in a safe place.

To prevent dirt from accumulating on your mat bag, consider wiping down with a damp cloth after each use. You can also put some drops of lavender essential oil on cotton balls and place them around the bag for a pleasant aroma.

If your mat bag is still dirty after cleaning, then you may have to resort to using cleaners specifically made for cleaning yoga mats.


The mat bag is durable 45 percent recycled polyester and 55 percent polypropylene knit blend that has been treated with Tectron® to be water-resistant so you can carry your mat to class or practice in the rain. The bag has a breathable fabric keeps your mat ventilated and dry.


This bag stands up to wear and tear due to the use of quality material.

Final Verdict:

A perfect way to easily carry your mat and Yoga accessories with you on the road! The Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag features a self-healing construction, is double stitched for extra reinforcement. This yoga mat bag has a unique patent pending design that uses special technology to keep your yoga mat clean and dry. Make sure that you do not miss out on the chance to order this mat bag right away.

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