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Best Yoga Mat Bags For Your Yoga Mat – Buying Guide & Reviews.

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Writter by Better Yoga Life Staff

Okay, we have had yoga mats and yoga swings, so what’s a yoga mat bag now? It’s a simple bag that helps you carry your yoga mat from place to place without having to take the trouble of carrying in in an inconvenient manner. Carrying your rolled-up yoga mat under your arms could sometimes look so ugly in the subway. It’s not an ideal thing to do. So, what makes a decent yoga mat bag? Well, it should be able to carry your yoga mat around without much ado – and if it’s cute, it helps so much too. You might think that just a bag would be fine, but why compromise when there are additional facilities that come with it. Hence, we have come up with best yoga mat bags options for you, out of which we’re sure you will love at least 2 – 3 of them. And if all of these seem to fail, you can always download an app and practice yoga at home.

List of Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags 2024

So ready? Let’s get started!

1. Yoga Sak:

Our first is the one that is considered to be the best overall. Ladies and gents, hold your horses as we introduce you to the Yoga Sak. If all else fails, this is something you could go for without having to give a second thought.

The Yoga Sak is way beyond your basic bag. It offers more than what you need. That is the reason why most yogis would recommend you to get this bag instead of spending on something that’s expensive and doesn’t come with such features.

The bag comes with sturdy straps, which holds your yoga mat tightly and securely. You can easily adjust the straps according to your shoulder. You can even carry it like your bag pack, wherever you go; it’s all your choice!

Do you cycle to your yoga studio or your outdoor yoga spot? If yes, then chances are you will need a bag in which you can carry your clothes, towel, water bottle and so on to have pleasant yoga experience. A backpack was probably not as comfortable as a yoga mat bag.

Best of all, the yoga mat bag comes with multiple compartments and is spacious enough to hold each of your stuff in its place. What we like the most about this bag is that it comes with a water bottle holder pocket, which ensures to hold the water bottle as securely as possible, making sure not to leak a single drop of water from it.

There’s also a designated phone pocket strap to store your cellphone while you bike up against your way. However, this yoga mat bag work fine and you can keep everything you need for your yoga session in this bag and carry it along with you.

It’s perhaps the best yoga mat bag for a cyclist yogi.Yoga Sak


  • Comes with a lot of pockets and zippers
  • Adjustable straps for your comfort
  • Removable holder for your mobile phone
  • Ideal for cyclist yogi


  • The Velcro that the bag has is not secured enough

2. Boence Yoga Mat Bag:

This bag is exceptionally stylish that you may even want to carry it along with you even when you are not going for yoga. With the ample of colors and bright prints that it comes with, it’s designed with all the stylish yoga enthusiasts in mind.

The bag is full zipper which makes it easy for you to keep back your mat after a hot, heavy yoga session. The full zipper feature also makes it convenient for you to keep it clean and organized at all times.

The high-quality canvas materials that it is made out of makes it such a robust mat bag. This yoga mat bag also comes with a strap that is adjustable to your shoulder. You won’t have any trouble carrying it with you to your favorite yoga spot.

The design is quite simple and straightforward, yet stylish. It comes with large pockets and expandable side pockets. The pockets are there for you to store your belongings like your keys, cellphone, water bottle, wallet, towel, etc.

The yoga mat bag is able to old extra thick yoga mats effortlessly. In tune with that, the yoga mat bag is very light and durable, which means that no matter how heavy your mat might be, the bag will make it bearable for you to carry it around.

A Boence Yoga Mat Bag will enhance your lifestyle with the affordable high-end products that it already is. Comes with a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer, however, the sturdy materials that are constructed from making it a product that would last a lifetime. Boence Yoga Mat Bag


  • The strap is fully adjustable, making it comfortable to carry it cross-bodied
  • The material is soft yet sturdy
  • Multifunctional pockets included
  • Two years warranty


  • The zipper is a little delicate for which you need to be gentle while zipping in and out

3.Peace Yoga Mat Bag:

Cool and crisp in cotton, the Peace Yoga Mat Bag is specially designed for all those nature lovers. If you look at the different colors and designs, all of that represent peace, nature and tranquility. So, if you are one of them, look no further, click purchase right away!

The ship-shaped bag comes with two carrying shoulder straps. You can carry it with you like a normal shopping bag without any fuss. There are Velcro closures instead of zippers, which is something that a lot of you prefer.

It also has zippered pockets inside the bag for you to store your phone, keys, wallet and other small items. The interior of the bag is made fully of cotton, which is an added advantage because it increases the product’s durability along with retaining its shape. Moreover, the interior is 100% waterproof.

The yoga mat bag is large enough to accommodate other clothes and towels in addition to the yoga mat. In fact, you can even consider using it as a multi-functional bag for your convenience. With all that it comes with, it’s an excellent budget-friendly option.

Customers have high-ranked this yoga mat bag as of something great. That’s because some of them love the elephant design that is imprinted on the bag, while others love the mandala and tree designs.

Manufacturers claim that you can effortlessly throw it in the machine for a thorough wash if you think that your bag has gotten dirty. But it’s not recommended for you to put it in the drier.

Overall, it’s a good value for money. This is a bag that does really need well-deserved praise since it comes with much more features than other branded bags.Peace Yoga Mat Tote Bag


  • Durable and convenient
  • Two shoulder straps
  • Elegant design
  • Spacious


  • For some of you might complain it’s too short

4. Yoga Evo:

Are you having trouble finding for a yoga mat bag that could double as your gym bag? Well, not necessarily gym bag, but something, where you can keep most of your sport, stuffs just because it’s troublesome to pack other stuff in another bag? Here’s what you need:

Yoga Evo comes with five different pockets with three of them having foam protection to it. This yoga mat bag lets you carry everything you need, from top to bottom; towels, bottle, phone, cad, main and so much more. In fact, if you ever give up yoga (which you shouldn’t), you can make use of it as a gym bag! It’s roomy but also compact.

The room where it’s designated for you yoga mar, it comes with Velcro straps to tightly secure it. And you need not to worry about its super durable, high-quality waterproof fabric that it’s made from. It promises never to break your heart!

The adjustable strap lets you take the bag around in a number of ways; cross-body, sideways, you name it. Plus, the bag is really compact and lightweight for which it’s easy to carry and easy to store. You can even pur your yoga swing in the bag as its an expandable bag.

What’s more unique is that the materials are breathable too. There are ends to which it promotes airflow and lets out any foul odour from the yoga mat that you may be carrying. This, in turn, means that your bag will not grow any bacteria inside.

Overall, the customers are a huge fan of how well it’s designed, keeping the necessities in mind. You can never go wrong with this Yoga Evo wrap bag if you plan on purchasing one. Highly Recommended!Yoga Evo Yoga Wrap Bag


  • Airflow allows the foul odour from the yoga mat to escape
  • Five pockets; three with foamy protection
  • Compact and lightweight bag
  • High-quality super durable materials


  • Some customers have complained regarding the strap quality

5. Aurorae:

Aurorae has always been one of our favourite brands for some obvious reasons. They are a winner! Starting from quality to durability, they are still the best, and this is one of their masterpieces.

You must have always wondered that it would have been so much better if your bag pack and your yoga mat bag combined together as a multipurpose bag. Aurorae have listened to you and answered your prayers. This is one such thing.

This bag is awesome for taking trips, hiking, yoga studio, gym, office and so on. It just looks like a bag pack with the yoga mat rolled-up on its side. In one word, it’s awesome!

Now, some of you may complain about how ugly it may look. But hey, there is a number of other products that you could choose from. This is mainly for those who are keen on showing off that they are a yogi!

Speaking of their features, the wide, adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap with lock buckles and built-in mobile phone pocket just fits right on your shoulder. It would feel like as it was made just for you. Not only that, we are happy to say that the yoga mat bag comes with a specific mat-locker system too. That helps you to secure your yoga mat tightly and effectively.

And of course, there are small pockets too to hold your valuables. There are large individual compartments and then a small front zippered pocket. So, depending on the size and weight of your stuff, store them accordingly.

The best part about buying an Aurorae accessory is that it comes with a good 2 years warranty. So, if there’s any issue regarding the product, you can always ask for a replacement.

Thick, comfortable, durable and super-sized, this mat bag is just fantastic!Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag


  • Designated pockets for water bottle, wallet and other valuables
  • Adjustable straps make it comfortable to carry with
  • Enough room to move additional accessories
  • Ideal for hiking, trekking, biking and other outdoor activities


  • The mat bag stays out for which it looks ugly

6. Kindfolk:

Before we go on talking about the features of this yoga mat bag, we would say that if you purchase this bag, it would mean you want to help in ending slavery in this world. Simply put, the manufacturers donate $1 for every single unit sold. Don’t you think that’s so kind of them?

The manufacturers have partnered with a nonprofit organization called A21, who are aimed towards rescuing and restoring victims of slavery in order to prevent future generations from facing this tragedy. Shop with Kindfolk and be a part of the change in this world.

Now coming to the features and design of the yoga mat bag, they are beautiful as well as so well-thoughtfully designed. The designs are incredibly eye-catching that they will surely bring on compliments from your gym buddies or wherever you plan on carrying it.

The bag is made of strong, durable canvas material with a slight blend of cotton fabrics in it. Not only that, but the contents are also eco-friendly with vegan materials like man-made leather. The bag has room for all your gym necessities with a reinforced strap that makes it comfortable for you to carry it around. The metal rings and the zippers make it a perfect bag to be brought anywhere.

And if you love surprises, you will admire what it comes with; a free pouch!

The Kindfolk Yoga Mat Bag is not your ordinary yoga mat bag; the size of it is perfect to carry two yoga mat and only the necessities. It just has the true yoga spirit with elephant prints and celestial patterns. If you are a fan of traditional designs, then the bag will never fail to amaze you.Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag


  • Perfectly sized
  • Comes with multiple pockets
  • Able to carry two yoga mats with additional accessories
  • Comes with a free pouch


  • This product has not reported any negative feedback from consumers

7. BalanceFrom:

Design wise, by far this is our favorite! Just take a look at the bag, and you will see how beautiful it is for the price that it comes with. If you are obsessed with DIY products, this is something you will like because it somewhat has the DIY feeling.

Made from 100% cotton, the yoga mat bag is soft as well as durable and lightweight. The adjustable shoulder strap that it comes with, it is much more comfortable for its soft feeling. The bag is of full zipper closure which makes it easier for you to put in your kinds of stuff and zip it up.

The best part is, you can fold it into something very small and store it when it’s not in use. That’s why cotton is the best!

One more advantage that the cotton material brings is that it’s stretchable. Not literally, but you can store ½-inch to ¼-inch thick yoga mats in it. The interior of the bag is awesome. It’s really roomy for you to store your kinds of stuff freely rather than having separate pockets for each and every of your stuff. Of course, it does come with space for you to store your keys, towel, books and water bottle, too.

More importantly, this is a fantastic bag for those music lovers out there. Why? That’s because it comes with side pockets that will fit your music player along with its earphone effortlessly. You don’t need to worry about your earphones getting tangled anymore.

BalanceFrom believes that customer satisfaction should be undoubtedly the highest priority of all. Therefore, it comes with an excellent 2-years warranty for the bag. Feel free to contact the manufacturer and drop in your complaints directly.Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Mat Bag


  • Exceptional quality
  • Extra-large in size
  • Very handy
  • Perfect for carrying thick yoga mats


  • May shrink if washed in cold water

8. Peace:

Who doesn’t love the color yellow? After all, it represents happiness, hope and sunshine. The specialty of this yoga mat bag is the color and of course the outstanding features that it comes with. You may see it as another one of those yoga mat bags, but we are here to give you a different insight into this.

Yes, it fits a standard yoga mat with a full zipper that makes it easier to insert and remove the mat. Of course, it also has zip pockets to fit in your keys, cards, phone, water bottle and other accessories. However, do take note that the bag will not fit ½-inch thick yoga mats. Carry it on your shoulder with the straps that it comes with.

Moreover, the yoga mat bag has air vents. The 0.5-inch diameter eyelets for ventilation makes it excellent for hot yoga session yoga mats. The holes let the mat to breathe within the bag and thus makes it a hygienic way to carry your mat from place to place.

Now speaking of the materials, it is made of 100% durable cotton. The quality of it keeps your accessories well-protected and covered. Plus, the cotton material has the advantage of it to keep the bag clean through machine washed in cold water. However, it is highly advised not to put it in the drier, instead hang it outside and let it air dry.

Although we talked about the yellow color in the beginning out of excitement, the yoga mat bag also comes in different other shades and embroidered patterns. So, you have all the freedom to choose what you think will suit you the best.

Oh, and not to forget about the fringe benefits that it comes with. The yoga mat bag comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, which makes it an even more convenient choice.Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Mat Bag


  • Airflow design keeps the foul odour and bacteria out of the mat
  • 100% durable cotton fabric
  • Comes with a pocket to store accessories
  • 90-day money back guarantee


  • Not suitable for carrying thick mats

9. Uhawi:

The Uhawi Yoga Mat Bag is no joke. It’s actually enormous and more suitable for couples who go to their yoga sessions together. The big bag gives an impression of it being a travel bag, but it is totally a yoga mat bag if you take a closer look at it.

First of all, it is very thoughtfully-designed with the Velcro, zippers and pockets that it includes. Instead of a full zipper, the yoga mat bag has 2 secured Velcro that prevents your things from falling out.

The back of the bag has 2 safety pockets. Those 2 safety pockets are specially designed to store your phone, keys, cards, wallet and others. And then the front part has the water bottle holder access pocket. This is actually very handy as the side net pockets that come with the other bags may sometimes get torn.

Although the bag comes with built-in handles with which you could tote it to your yoga spot, it also includes a bonus yoga mat strap that makes it comfortable to hold your mat. On top of that, it also saves a lot of space!

Lastly, the bag has a beautiful ergonomic comfort. Anything ergonomic makes life so much easier.

All in all, the yoga mat bag is extremely versatile. If you are really keen about using this for your shopping or gym, go ahead! It wouldn’t look that bad! And in the process, if it gets dirty, wash it in your machine and iron it to experience something as good as new!Uhawi Yoga Mat Bag


  • Machine washable
  • Durable
  • Comes with all the safety pockets and Velcro
  • Ergonomic comfort


  • The two Velcro fasteners may not be enough for those who plan on carrying more stuff

10. JamPa:

Last but not least, we have the JamPa Yoga Mat Tote Bag in our list. This one’s stylish, pretty and useful all at the same time. In fact, it’s more like your companion, not just a yoga mat bag.

Besides storing your yoga mat, the bag goes on an extra mile, keeping your mat clean as well as having a lot of extra space for you to save as many accessories as you want. With that being said, you can bring it along with you when you go shopping or traveling.

There’s no doubt on the quality of the bag; it’s very sturdily constructed. The bag has a super-comfy full zipper closure. This keeps your belongings safe inside.

Like other bags, it also has small pockets inside to carry stuff like your keys, phone, wallet, etc. This bag has more compartments than any other bags. The small pockets are likely to keep things from flying away. And also, you won’t waste your time searching for things that you already know are in its place.

And to carry them all, it has an extra adjustable strap, which is super comfortable to sling it over the shoulder as well as versatile enough to be carried like a duffle bag, backpack, sling bag or a handbag.

With an array of colors available, you are free to choose your color for yourself.

Fun fact: The word JamPa is a Tibetan word which means unconditional love. This yoga mat bag also brings unconditional love for its user by lasting them for a long, long time.Best Yoga Mat Bag


  • Superior quality
  • Very spacious with different compartments
  • Versatile straps
  • Comes with a matching reusable bag to store your wet towels or clothes after yoga


  • A bit big for a short-small person

Why Would You Need a Yoga Mat Bag?

While a yoga mat is all you can invest in, it stands to explain that you will need something to carry it in on your way to your yoga spot (if you are an outdoor yogi). That’s where yoga mat bags come in.

Yoga mat bags differ in sizes and shapes. There are some that are like a backpack style, sling style and whatnot. But what you are going to buy entirely depends on where and how you plan on carrying it. Yoga mat bags make it so much easier to carry your stuff along with you to your yoga spot.

Most of the bags come with extra zippered pockets and Velcro, which keeps your phone, wallet, towel, water bottle and other accessories safe inside just so you can enjoy a pleasant yoga session.

And last but not least, even if you plan on leaving yoga and joining the gym, some of these bags are wonderfully multi-usable. So, you don’t need to go on buying an extra gym bag. Make use of it at its best.

Your Yoga Mat Bag Buying Guide

Yoga mat bags may not be expensive stuff or something that you buy once a year. These are like a one-time purchase that is expected to last a lifetime. So, you really need to make sure that you make the right choice during your first buy. Just to make sure that you are on the right track, here’s are some factors that you need to look at when you plan on buying a yoga mat bag:


Size does matter! Although it entirely depends on the size and type of your yoga mat that you are currently using, size is crucial when looking for the best yoga mat bag. Just so you have an idea, let us tell you that a standard yoga mat is about 28 inches wide, which requires about 6 inches space on the inside to fit nicely into the bag. We might be wrong because some mats are more prominent and others are smaller. So, we would advise you that before you go on making a purchase, make sure to measure the size your mat correctly!


The next thing that we would ask you to look at is the straps. Imagine a world without trees; no oxygen, right? The straps for the yoga mat bag work in the same way. A yoga mat bag without a good, sturdy strap is just a sack. So, choose a strap that you can wear like a backpack or sling it across your body. The hand-carrying ones might not be too comfortable while walking to your yoga spot. Also, the bags that have padded straps are a win! Moreover, the reinforced strap will not break.


Make sure that the bag has pockets. That’s where you are going to fit in your accessories. Even if you are not really a fan of bags that have got a number of pockets on the outside as that may look ugly, but you sure need some small pockets to store your water bottle in an extra pocket, just so it doesn’t leak and ruin the other stuff in the bag. A small pouch to keep your house keys, cays keys and other cards. Also, a phone pocket works wonderfully.


Yoga mat bags are made out of a variety of materials. Make sure to choose a mat bag that is sturdy, water-resistant, durable, smell-proof. While all of that cannot go hand in hand, at least try to pick something that has most of these qualities in it. You sure wouldn’t want to end up with your mat bag all smelling like sweat just because the fabric absorbs it all.

Easy to Organize:

Now you won’t be organizing your yoga mat every day. Some may prefer to do it once a week and others may also prefer to do it once a month. For all those of you who are lazy, compartments are really important. This is how you know you keep your stuff and remember it so that you don’t have to organize it every time. Think about where and how you would like to keep your things inside the bag before you buy it. If the new bag coordinates just the way you want it, you two will have a long relationship.

Every mat bag that we have listed do come with different types of compartments. Whether you go to the yoga studio or to the gym, there is a bag for you on the list.


You need to look for a mat bag that serves its purpose well and also do has some multi-purpose capabilities. It must be able to hold your gears properly. If you have an extra thick yoga mat, you will need a bag that can accommodate a thick mat. However, if you are a newbie and just beginning your yoga journey with a yoga mat and a water bottle, perhaps you won’t need anything spacious. So, it all depends on your practice.


We are continually looking for products that will last us for a long time. Yoga mat bags are no exception. Invest all your penny in a mat bag that is going to continue you a long time, instead of throwing it away just after a year or two. Each and every bag on our list are incredibly durable. We have thoughtfully put each of them in our list so that your money doesn’t go in vain. If you ask us, our suggestion would be to go for either cotton or canvas material with full zipper pulls that we believe will last you a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will a standard size yoga mat bag accommodate a thick yoga mat or do I have to buy a bigger bag?

Answer: That’s a really good question. Standard sized yoga mat bags are made to store ¼-inch thick yoga mats along with some other accessories like a phone, keys, card, wallet, water bottle, etc. If you have to save ½-inch thick yoga mats, we’d highly recommend you to get an extra-large sized bag or a bag that can accommodate two yoga mats. By doing so, you won’t be struggling to load your yoga mats into the bag.

Q2: Which is the most durable material for a yoga mat bag?

Answer: Yoga mat bags are usually made out of extremely durable materials. Most of these materials are incredibly sturdy, water-resistant with a fundamental design. However, depending on the design, the yoga mat bags have air ventilation systems to get rid of sweat smells or other odors it doesn’t have anything to do with the material. Hence, most of these fabrics are seamless fabrics, which is going to last you a decade.

Q3: Which style is better?

Answer: Style entirely depends on you. Some people are very used to carrying cross-body bags, no matter what bag it is. However, others prefer a backpack. So, you see, it really depends on what type of bag you are more comfortable with.

We’d suggest that if you plan on carrying a more massive load, then a backpack style is more applicable for you. Both the shoulders will take the load instead of one of them and having to change shoulders every few minutes.

Q4: Do I need to wash my yoga mat bag often?

Answer: First of all, you need to ensure whether the yoga mat bag is washable or not. If the material does not permit to get washed, chances are it will spoil. You don’t necessarily need to wash your yoga mat bag very often; keeping it clean and organised is the key to maintain a yoga mat bag. However, before you go on actually putting it in the machine with hot or cold water, it is highly recommended that you go on reading the instructions carefully.

Things to Pack in Your Yoga Mat Bag

You may have purchased your bag, but how do you know what you are supposed to bring along with you? So, here is some stuff that we’ve listed that you may want to bring along with you.

  • Proper yoga clothing
  • Yoga mat (of course)
  • Towel: Doesn’t matter if it’s small or big
  • Sunscreen: If you are going to practice outdoors, this is a must! You must keep in mind to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Sunglasses: You do not want to squint while you are at it, do you?
  • Water bottle: Hydrate yourself every now and then
  • Healthy snacks
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Yoga props: It could be your yoga swings or trapeze or anything else that you like to use
  • Bathing suit: It’s a great idea to shower just after you have finished your session for the day.

Final Words

We may have listed all the essentials that you need to carry with you when you go for yoga sessions, but we completely overlooked one aspect, and that is positive energy.

Regardless of what you might be going through at work or in your personal life, you really need to have an open mind and a positive attitude towards yoga. Set daily goals and intentions that you would want to accomplish. Keep calm and stay patient. You will get to see positive results in your physical and psychological health.

The biggest mistake that you could do is get caught up with your phone during your yoga session. Forget everything. Forget about the world. For once and for all, think about yourself and only yourself.

Once you have taken this very seriously, you will find yourself in a vibrant and open-heart situation and that you are ready for the next adventures that are yet to come.

Are you already on a yoga retreat? If yes, then do share your experiences and how you pack your stuff in your yoga mat bag in the comments section, below!

Happy Yoga!

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