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Best 4 Person Yoga Poses – Acro Yoga for Beginner’s.

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Yoga is a deep internal practice that connects your physical body with the spirit of your mind. It is a healthy physical and mental practice. In this article, we are going to discuss 4 person yoga poses. Whenever we talk about 3 or 4 person yoga poses, it means acro yoga or partner yoga. Where more than 2 people interact physically, and mentally.

Lots of yoga classes are available, and many are very easy to practice on your own. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and desire a community in your yoga world, grab some friends to try out these 4 person yoga poses.

What is Acro Yoga?

Acro yoga, or partner yoga, is a mixture of yoga and gymnastics. It strengthens the feelings of collaboration, union, and trust among the partners. This is the rejuvenating and healing process that joins the ancient theory of yoga with the modernized dynamic movements of gymnastic players.

Acro yoga is considered couple or partner yoga where one person performs his yoga poses while the other stands behind his back for support and to keep his balance good. As a result of social connections and practice, you get pain-relieving, exhilarating, and engaging benefits for the mind and body.

Benefits of Group Acro Yoga

Achieving the same goal with different people create a strong and magical relationship bond among them. According to research, social bonding leads to deeper social connections and enhances the performance of your exercise. The following are some benefits of group acro yoga:

·Strengthening Mental Health and Relationships:

Work performed in the group creates more fun and builds your communication and trust, improving your balance skills and flexibility. Acro yoga is a mixture of physical, intellectual, .and respiratory exercises to sync breath and movement. Its consequences are a “flow state” where you remain focused, inspired, and relaxed.

Acro yoga also empowers your mental health like solo yoga. In addition, it gives you a strong building community. When more than one person gathers in a collaborative asana, they build strong friendships and the ability to have effective communication.

Better Communication and Conflict Resolution:

Teamwork involves lots of talking and communication, unlike classic solo yoga. The teamwork involved in performing yoga poses vastly improves your communication and experience. But on the other hand, some inevitable problems also arise mistakenly in certain asana positions.

The yogi’s social environment facilitates conflict resolution between friends and family members. “Acro performer, stay together,” the joke goes.

Back Pain Relief :

While performing 4 person yoga challenges, there are lots of stretches on your body that keep you relaxed and pain-free. For example, Acro Bow Pose offers incredible back pain relief. The same Super Yogi pose also gives healing relief to your spine and hips.

How Do you Do Yoga Poses with 4 People?

In this quadrupled yoga, 4 people collectively perform the same poses. These 4 people meet on multiple bases; one who performs the target pose, the bottom yogi, whose major function is to support the others, the flyer who is up in the air, and 4th one is an optional spotter.

Although four-person yoga is not very well known, it is coming into the air gradually. As families and friends search for 4 personal yoga challenges to excite themselves, performing this creative acro. Mostly, the poses are variations of more than one partner. A lot of poses are easier than they look and can be easily performed with an online tutorial. These poses are appropriate for people with moderate flexibility and fitness levels.

Interestingly, the weight and size of the yogi don’t matter because poses involve the support of each other. So, tough poses also become easy in 4-person teamwork.

4 Person Yoga Poses Ideas:

Yoga classes are emerging day by day and are becoming more popular in the world. Luckily you can also learn many acro poses with online tutorials. We gather some good 4 personal yoga poses. Let’s see what we have:

Easy Beginner 4 Person Yoga Pose:

This is the modification of Svanasana called the downward dog position. In this pose, only the extremely right person does it and others put their legs on the other person’s back. It gives more flexible shoulders and strengthens the legs.

This is neither a tough nor an easy 4-person yoga pose. In this pose, 2 people are based on the mat. The top one is the flyer that is performing a not-so-usual flying pose. The fourth on the right wing put his feet on the back of the other one.

Here, two girls are the base of the second-level girl, and the girl on the second step is the base of the third-level girl. The last one act as a flyer in the air. Usually, it is recommended under the supervision of a 5th person.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? This is a much-loved one. Here the men are in a child’s pose while the females bend toward each other while standing on their toes.

This is complex and hard to do. In this pose, two lie by raising their hands in the air, which assists the third one. As you can see, the first flying girl grasps the legs of 2nd flyer. The second flyer does the same, but her support is the first flyer.

As you can see, only one girl is on base and the man performs second but half base leaning on the first one’s girl. The other two act as flyers. The right-wing girl holds the legs and hands of the base girl. On the other hand, the left flyer gets to the base from the man.

How to Start Acro Yoga?

Starting acro yoga is as easy as rolling mats in an open space. There are people who want to keep you safe. There must be a person who has enough knowledge to lead the team in deep poses.

Check for enough space and obstacles that could interfere with your workout; otherwise, it could be a disaster. Remove all the breakable things from your workout area.

Don’t be scared to mess up and laugh at a mistake or any awkwardness while trying something new. Perform your acro yoga with lots of fun and enjoyment with partners.

Warm-Up Flows:

Just like in other physical games, you have to warm up your body to loosen your tight muscles. Practice Sun Salutations or Vinyasa flows with your spouse to prepare you and your spouse’s minds for gymnastic fun.

Get Comfortable with Your Yoga Partners:

Make sure that you are comfortable while touching and supporting other people’s bodies. Obviously, it is not sexual at any cost, but it’s a cherished experience where you warm up to each other equally. Acro yoga allows you to make a relationship bond with new yogi friends or with strangers as you openly communicate with them.

To eradicate hesitation between you and your partner, start with simple and easy poses like back-to-back chair poses. Do some rounds of pranayama breathing together. That will also help you be aware of each other’s names.

Get Creative with the Group:

Go with some creative work that will increase your thinking ability and stamina in acrobatic performance because acro yoga is a game of mental and physical strength. For example, downward dog train poses are incredibly fun and creative in 4-person yoga poses.

Remember to check with your team whether they are getting fed up with the same routine. That’s why creativity can work here to lessen your boredom.


All the techniques and insights which we have discussed indicate that acro yoga is a collaborative work of a team. Engage everyone in acro yoga poses equally for more fun and enjoyment. It also demands some creativity and planning, which leads you to a fully comfortable zone in your life. It also enhances your leadership and team-management skills.

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