3 person yoga poses

3 Person Yoga Poses – Beginner’s Guide for Acro Yoga.

Medically reviewd by Ashley Rosa

Writter by Better Yoga Life Staff

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit, which means “Unity”. The yoga practice aims to build connections between the body, mind, and spirit, as well as between individual and universal consciousness. Although 3 Person Yoga Poses are super and magnificent to underpin your relationship with your friend or partner. So, move on to to practice 3 Person Yoga Poses.

What is Acro Yoga?

Acro yoga is a kind of yoga that can be known as a combination of acrobats, yoga, and aerobics. It is all about one’s determination, strength, and focus. It increases flexibility and bodily strength. Minimum 2 people are required for Acro Yoga. If participants increase, then uniqueness and complexity arise.

As a beginner in yoga, you should look at 13 better stretches every day. In this way, you will be able to learn about the required yoga poses to keep you fit.

Key Acro Yoga Position:

In this Acro Yoga, we will discuss the 3 keys Acro Yoga Position.


As the name represents, this is the person who is a beginner and mostly lies straight on the ground so that others can stand up against him. The base must be strong, supportive, and confident. The person who is acting as a base has a crucial rule in the 3 person yoga challenge.


The flyer is the one who stands on a base with a strong footing. The flyer has much importance in this challenge because he/she is the one who can easily divide the bodyweight so that one cannot stagger while being airborne.


A spotter is a person who helps assist and direct the pose in the correct way when others are performing the pose. A spotter changes his position according to the situation. Maybe in one pose, he is acting as the flyer and in another as a spotter. It’s upon his discretion or which pose he wants to choose.

Benefits of 3 Person Yoga Poses:

This yoga practice has a lot of impacts on one’s mental and physical condition

  • Bonding:

The 3 Person Yoga Position has so much significance. While you practice this at school or academy with your friends, it results in amazing friendship bonding. When parents fly their kiddos in the air by their feet, a love triangle builds up. It boosts confidence among them.

  • Communication:

When you’re all alone, you don’t need to speak, but when there are three people, communication is necessary to check that they are all on the same page or not, they are in a relaxing position or not. 3 Person Yoga ensures that all are on the same page while practicing. It helps to develop trust among all the partners, whether they are comfortable or not, and you’ll do all the necessary things to put your partner at ease.

  • Strength Building:

3 Person Yoga requires more strength than standard yoga. Because this practice is based on 1 base and 2 flyers, both parties should be strong physically to do the practice.

  • More flexibility & less pain:

In a 3 person yoga challenge, the flyer and base should be strong, and their bodies should be flexible and strengthened. This yoga style has immense benefits of inversion like in aerial yoga. The spinal decompression and bodily inversion help with back pain and improve circulation and clarity.

  • Accountability and Social Connection:

You can achieve new challenges in a 3 person yoga challenge. Some things you can’t do all alone. That’s why friends motivate you to compete and accept new challenges. Because of their motivation and as a team, you can do all that you want to do.

Yoga Poses for Three People:

Newbies in the field shouldn’t take a start from Acro Yoga; it needs proper planning and practice to start. One can injure himself in this because you have to fly into the air and balance on other people’s limbs. If you’re not prepared for this and you faint at heart, then you should avoid this.

For beginners, it is best to start with easy yoga practices that don’t lead to injury. Acro yoga needs a team to start, while standard yoga can be done by yourself and become relaxing.

Easy Yoga Poses for Three People:

Standing poses are the best step in your warm-up routine. In this way, you can build trust in your ability to do difficult tasks.

Back to Back Lotus Pose:

In this practice, you have to sit down in a Lotus pose, back to back in a circle. Take in a breath and hold another’s arms, not in a weird way but friendly. Through the placates, your arms, legs, and hands will touch others.

Triple Forward Fold Pose:

Make a circle with your legs extended inward. Breathe in, interlock your hands, and communicate about each person’s movements.

Triple Warrior III. Pose:

  • It’s a simple yoga position to warm up oneself and build trust, and it is to be done on solid ground like grass or wood.
  • Begin in a circle.
  • Everyone facing the center
  • Arms up above the head, palms facing in
  • Exhale; shift your weight onto the right leg.
  • Inhale. Put your weight at your waist and put your left leg behind you.
  • Interlock your arms.
  • Try to keep your body in a flat T-shaped pose.
  • Repeat

Challenging or Hard 3 Person Yoga Pose

Trio Plank Pose:

  • One should prepare oneself to experience this pose by inhaling 10-15 full breaths before doing it.
  • The strongest person should act as a base
  • 2nd partner should stand and face the base’s feet
  • You need to form a middle block.
  • Hold on to the base’s ankles and slowly place the tops of your feet onto their shoulders.
  • The top partner can repeat the second partner’s movements in the opposite direction.
  • Each person should keep their neck straight and look down.
  • To end up in the position, the top flyer can slowly step off one foot at a time, and the rest can follow.

Box Trio Pose:

  • Make a rectangular box shape.
  • One partner laying flat, and two other partners are in an “L shape” on the ground. Sitting in Chair Pose is the best way to warm up.
  • Two base people are lying on the ground.
  • Both raise their legs.
  • They slightly bend their knees to allow the flyer to get into position.
  • The top person will adjust their shoulders onto one base’s feet and then raise their lower body onto the other’s.

This pose requires a very flexible flyer and a sturdy base. It is a super beautiful expression that blurs the line between cheerleading, ballet, and yoga. The ballet pose also offers a deep stretch for everyone involved.

Person Ballet Pose:

  • The 1st yogi can begin it in a Warrior I position.
  • The second base should touch their front toes with the other yogi’s heel and step back into their Warrior I pose.
  • The 3rd partner steps onto the base’s thighs one at a time and makes a shape like a pyramid.
  • The flyer will turn to the base and will lift his front leg onto the base’s shoulder, using their hands as support.
  • The other base can help the flyer lift their back leg into the full splits position.
  • Breathe and make adjustments as needed.


So, I tried my best to sort out all the problems regarding yoga and provide you with the best information to start-up yoga. If you’re a beginner, then prepare your plan and work. Acro Yoga is the best yoga ever. it gives you strength, strong bonding, accountability, and social interaction. It helps people come closer to each other and spread love. Moreover, it is the best way to meditate and to avoid back pain; it encourages feelings like trust and comfort.

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