yoga poses for 2 friends

Best Yoga Poses for 2 Friends

Medically Reviewed by Ashley Rosa

Written by Better Yoga Life Staff

Published on July 25, 2022

Are you really getting bored with your daily solo yoga routine, or do you compel yourselves to do this again and again without engaging yourselves mentally? Now, it’s time to save yourself from being in a cold sweat. Let’s go for an amazing yoga that is a yoga poses for 2 friends.

If you want to make your traditional solo yoga more spicy and joyful, grab someone along with you. Yoga with a partner, friend, or couple gives you a chance to face and try new challenges and difficulties. Here we are going to show you some poses that you can perform with your partner. So, you can select according to your cup of tea. For a beginner, yoga poses for two friends are challenging. Therefore, let us help you choose any of the poses with all the precautionary acts.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Yoga Poses for 2 Friends:

You have to consider some valuable preliminary things before starting your yoga poses. This can enhance the progress of your yoga practice in a more calculative way.

  • Warming up your body is the first and foremost thing because warmer muscles can stretch easily without the risk of any injury or harm. So, 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up can save you from any disaster.
  • Every pose has a specific time. As you know, an excess of anything is bad. A little bit more stretching can affect your muscles and joints. So, consider the best time for a specific pose. It should not be too little that you cannot obtain the desired items, nor too much that it causes a problem.
  • Selection of the right pose is also the most important thing, whether you are practicing alone or with a friend. Everybody has different stamina and stretch limits, so choose the poses accordingly. Overplaying a pose more than your body’s potential can harm your body.

Yoga Challenge Poses for 2 Friends:

Yoga poses for 2 friends vary according to the types of practitioners. This includes more comfortable and easy to do for newbie and beginners, and harder poses for skillful people. You can choose easy yoga poses at the start and gradually move to harder ones. Let us give you a complete overview of easy and hard yoga poses for 2 friends.

Easy Yoga Poses for Two Friends:

Yoga poses for two people can be easy with extreme stretching and fun. These poses seem quite simple to do, but our guidance for you can make it much easier. The right way of performing and the advantages of that pose are described below.

1. Forward Fold with a Partner:

As a beginner, you have to start with basic stretching poses that will help you in the future to build your stamina for hard poses. To roll the ball, start with a hamstring stretch. This focuses on the flexibility of your back and opens your hamstring muscles.

Partner Forward Fold
How to do it?
  • Sit on your yoga mat opposite your friend and extend your legs apart.
  • Place your sole on your friend’s sole and grasp each other’s hands tightly.
  • Bring your chests closer to each other while bending down from the hips.
  • Hold your breath for a few seconds and then move back again to the original position.
  • Repeat the step.

2. Twin Trees:

As a beginner, you must learn to maintain balance in order to maintain proper posture. It can only be possible with a supportive person. The twin trees pose can be perfect for gathering balance and grip on the mat. This pose also helps you shape up the posture method for the hard poses.

Twin Trees
How to do it?
  • Stand shoulder to shoulder with your friend.
  • With the support of a friend, spread your toes away from your friend.
  • Lift your one foot and place the sole on your inner thigh by keeping the balance on the grounded foot.
  • You can also hold your friend’s hand to make yourself comfortable.

3. Chair Pose:

It is the human version of a chair that can’t be done without a supportive partner. This strengthens your quads by burning your thighs.

Chair Pose
How to do it?
  • Attach your back to a friend’s back.
  • Lower your torso while placing your feet apart.
  • You can place your feet more apart to balance yourself while crossing your arms with friends.
  • Check that your knees are nearly at a 90-degree angle with your feet.
  • Repeat this pose 5 to 10 times.

4. Buddy Boat:

Buddy Boat focuses on developing and balancing inner core muscles. It is a back supporter and chest opener workout.

Buddy Boat
How to do it?
  • Sit on the mat at a half-leg distance with your friend while facing your friend.
  • Grasp each other’s hands while placing your sole on the friend’s sole.
  • Now raise your feet with friends in such a way that your body weight comes down to your hip.

Hard Yoga Poses for Two Friends:

After getting easy yoga poses, now we can get our hands on hard poses for two friends. When practicing hard yoga, make sure you have a professional level of strength, flexibility, and balance in all aspects. These poses are a mixture of gymnastics and acrobat workouts.

Don’t try these poses without any professional trainer’s advice; otherwise, you can hit yourself, which may lead you to serious injury. Let us be aware of the proper method and the benefits that your body can experience from hard yoga positions.

1. Wheel Pose:

To perform this pose, you have to balance your whole body weight on the stomach area. This is quite difficult, which seems to occur more often in all acrobatics acts. This pose is good for back bending and increasing the flexibility of your shoulders and hips.

Wheel Pose
How to do it?
  • To perform this hard pose, your friend has to lie down while lifting his hands and feet into the air.
  • Bend your hips and back on the soles of your lower friend to grasp your ankles for making balance.

2. Flying Superman:

This pose is for all your body workouts that build and stretch your chest, stomach, and hand muscles.

Flying Superman
How to do it?
  • This starts with the partner lying straight on the floor, placing his soles on the stomach area of the flyer partner.
  • Now the base partner pushes up the standing partner while holding the hands.
  • Push the standing partner with your soles until he is fully airborne.
  • Make sure the base partners have straight legs perpendicularly.
  • Now, the airborne partner can spread his hands and legs to gain balance.
  • Repeat the position by changing the positions of partners.

3. The Flying Paschi

This pose strengthens and makes your hamstrings flexible.

Flying Paschi
How to do it?
  • Let the first person lie down on the ground while lifting his hands and feet into the air.
  • Now the second partner, while keeping the shoulder in the hands of the first partner bends hips and waist.
  • As the base person holds the upper person’s arms strongly, the upper person tries to go into an arched position with fully stretched arms and legs.
  • Repeat this position after 5 minutes by altering the positions.

Advantages of Couple Yoga:

Instead of giving you health benefits, it also nourishes your personal life. Couple yoga makes your life valuable in the following ways:

  • Trust Development:

The above-mentioned poses require a partner, which means you can’t perform them without him. While practicing challenging yoga poses for 2 persons you become aware that your partner will never let you down.

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief:

Yoga with partners is a fun and joyful experience that releases all your mental stress and anxiety. Most of us feel bored and lousy while practicing alone, but with friends, things get easier and more fun. Secondly, stretch poses will relax all your body muscles.


We observe that yoga poses for two friends are hardly challenging for people who are newbies. The person who loves to practice challenges will love to practice these challenging yoga poses enthusiastically. While taking care of your mental and physical health couple yoga gives you more fun and enjoyment. Moreover, it also provides you with a trustworthy friend. Always keep in mind precautionary things to keep yourself safe from any injury and disaster.

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