Health benefits of yoga

How Yoga Benefits Your Health & Wellbeing?

Medically Reviewed by Ashley Rosa

Written by Better Yoga Life Staff

Published on December 5, 2021

Do you feel that you are stressed out all the time? Do you feel that your health is giving up on you? Well, this means that you need to find an immediate solution to the problem. The reason is that once your health is lost everything is lost. What most people do is that they take refuge in supplements. However, that may not be the lasting solution to the problem. You need to explore Yoga for health. The best thing about Yoga is that it tends to bring about lasting improvement in your health for all times to come. Let us explore the health benefits of yoga in detail.

 How I Experienced the Benefits Of Yoga?

 My muscles used to feel very stiff prior to doing Yoga. However, things have changed now. My muscles have become flexible and I do not experience the perpetual stiffness of the muscles. Plus, I got a chance to experience different balancing poses.

I tried Tree Pose and I learnt the art of balancing.  The best part is that I did not find the pose to be very difficult. I just had to balance on one foot. I held my other foot to the calf. I used to balance for just one minute to be exact.

I was in the habit of taking pain killer for pain. However, I have been able to get rid of the pain for good when I started practicing Yoga.  The best part is that there are simple Yoga poses available that can help with back pain.

I attempted doing the cat cow pose. I had to get on all fours to perform this pose. I had to place my palms underneath my shoulders. My hips needed to be underneath my hips. I had to inhale initially and let my stomach drop down the floor.

 Next, I had to exhale and draw my navel towards my spine. It had be more of a cat stretch. I was also struggling with sleep issues. However, I got rid of them for good. I tried doing Leg up the wall pose for improved sleep.

 I had to sit with my left side against the wall. Next, I had to turn right and lift my legs up for resting against the wall. I used to remain in this position for five to fifteen minutes and I experience visible improvement in pain issues also.

What is Yoga?

If we have to define Yoga in simple words, then it is more of an ancient practice where you perform different physical poses. You also need to concentrate on your breathing. You will witness significant betterment in your stress management. Plus, you will have improved energy levels.

 How Does Yoga Work?

 Yoga is a mind body practice which aims to improve your overall wellness. Let us assume that you are struggling with chronic stress. Well, you need to try out the Cobra pose in this situation. What you need to do is lie down with the limbs stretched on the floor.

 Your palms should be facing up at this point in time. Make sure that you clear your mind while you breathe deeply. You can easily hold this pose for five to fifteen minutes. Now, you might be wondering how the stress gets reduced. What Yoga does is that it decreases Cortisol secretion which is the primary stress hormone.

If you have chronic inflammation in your body, then it can lead to a variety of diseases. However, Yoga can reduce the inflammation markers with ease. Now, most people suffer from heart diseases these days. The main cause of heart disease is high blood pressure.

What Yoga does is that it lowers your blood pressure. As a result, you are at a reduced risk of heart disease.

 What are the Risks of Yoga?

What you must keep in mind is that Yoga needs to be performed under professional guidance. The reason is that you need to perform the poses the right away. If you fail to perform the poses in the best way, then you may end up suffering from sprains and injuries.

 The best approach is to discuss your physical health in detail when opting to do Yoga.

Do different groups of people have different experience with Yoga?

The Yoga practice needs to have some variation depending upon the different age groups. For example, when we talk about Yoga for senior citizens, then it needs to be performed in a gentle way. However, young adults can perform aggressive Yoga poses.

 For example, Mountain Pose is an excellent option for senior citizens. People often struggle with balancing in old age. However, when senior citizens practice Mountain pose, then they can bid farewell to this problem.

Senior citizens can also build up their concentration through Tree pose. The health of our spine tends to decline as we age. Bird pose is an excellent pose to try. If senior citizens perform bird pose five times a day, then it is bound to improve the spinal health.

 The mountain pose is equally beneficial for adults also. It helps one get a better posture.

 Health Benefits of Yoga

When you practice Yoga on a daily basis, then you will experience improved muscle strength and tone. You will be more energized and experience enhanced respiratory function. Your circular and cardio health is also bound to improve when you practice Yoga.

Your metabolism is also bound to improve with Yoga. The best thing about Yoga is that it helps to lower your blood sugar also.

Yoga for Wellness

You can look forward to restful sleep when you do Yoga regularly. Your anxiety level is also bound to reduce when you practice Yoga. Osteoporosis is common among women. However, the symptoms of Osteoporosis are bound to reduce when you practice Yoga.

There are times when you have frequent headaches and Sinusitis. The best thing about Yoga is that you will be in a position to get rid of these problems for good.

 Is Yoga good way to lose weight?

Weight issues get caused due to sedentary lifestyle. Well, this is why you need to turn to Yoga for weight loss. The good news is that you do not have to take supplements for losing weight. The best thing about Yoga is that you can get rid of stuck weight for good. However, what is crucial is that you need to practice intense Yoga to lose weight.

The benefit is that you can burn the calories with ease. Secondly, you will experience boosted metabolism with Yoga. There are specific Yoga poses which can help you burn the belly fat. For example, Cobra pose strengthens your abdominal muscles.

 Bow pose also tends to strengthen your abdominal muscles. The truth is that it can be most difficult to lose your tummy fat. However, what you need to do is try the plank pose. Boat pose also helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

 If you do not have a weak back, then you can also try the camel pose.

Make sure that you stick to all these Yoga poses to attain the maximum benefit. Gradually, you will master the art of doing these Yoga poses.  Take the first step right away and you will be in a position to get the results you need.

 You will not have any regrets at all.

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