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If you are considering trying Face Yoga Exercises, then you are about to make the best choice of your life. There is several face yoga before and after results that clearly show how effective this routine can be in reducing the effects of aging and toning the face.

What Is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is a special type of yoga that involves a series of facial exercises focused on helping you strengthen the muscles in the face and reduce the signs of aging. Face yoga exercises targets isolating and toning different facial muscles to enhance the firmness of the muscles and in turn, improve the general appearance of the muscles. Face yoga also aids the proper flow of blood to your face connective tissues. With all of these in place, you will experience a change in the physical appearance and toning of your face.

Face yoga exercises involve a routine of massage between five to forty minutes depending on the time you have for the process daily. Targeting the next, face, and shoulders, the Face yoga before and after Results from people that have engaged in it in the past clearly shows how effective these facial exercises are if done properly. If you want to practice this, all you have to do is join a face yoga class.

How Does Face Yoga Work?

The working principles of face yoga are quite straightforward. When you practice face yoga exercises daily, it helps to improve the general appearance of your face and gives you the physical facial appearance that you desire. All you have to do is keep the routine going and you will get the results you desire in no time.

To understand how face yoga works, you need to take a look at someone of the routines in the face yoga exercises. For instance, the forward folds of your face help to bring fresh oxygen and blood to your facial skin and this promotes the glow of your skin naturally without any supplements. On the other hand, if you do the back bending poses helps to increase the firmness of your front neck muscles. Lastly, twisting helps release all the tensions in your neck.

Yoga teachers have different yoga Face routines that you use to achieve their goals. Irrespective of the practices encouraged, the goal remains the same. When yoga Face is carried out properly, it works in a way that helps to increase the supply of blood and oxygen to the face, release the accumulated tensions on the face and help to keep the nerves on the face relaxed.

Benefits of Face Yoga:

The benefits you get from engaging yourself in face yoga exercises are endless. Depending on how well you do it or how repeatedly you do it, the list of what you will get from it is endless. To give you a clear view of what you stand to gain, we will be sharing some of the important benefits that come with face yoga. The following are some of these benefits;

  • 100% safe and natural:

 You will agree with us that there are several facial treatments out there on the market with frivolous claims to help reduce the effect of aging and tone the face. Irrespective of how effective all of these are, none is completely natural and safe. Face yoga is a 100% safe and natural facial treatment that gives you exactly what you want facially.

  • Slows down aging:

Yoga Exercises encourage tensing the muscles, smiling, and squinting. Each of these routines helps to slow down the degenerative effect of aging on the face by reducing the rate of accumulation of facial wrinkles and blemishes

  • Tones the muscles:

Face Yoga is an exercise that helps to calm the mind and muscles. The practice of yoga will help you maintain a more relaxed look and help you effectively circulate blood and oxygen to every part of your face. With this, there will be stimulation of collagen which helps to improve the health of your skin.

Is It effective?

Face yoga before and after results from countless people around the world are all the proof you need that face yoga works effectively. Several people around the world have been able to improve their facial appearance without using other cosmetics products.

 To get the best from it, you will need to practice often and do as asked by the instructor. Provided you can keep up with all of these, you will also find out how effective this process is and how it can help boost your self-esteem.

How to Do Face Yoga Exercises?

We have listed below the top 5 Best Face Yoga poses by Yoga instructor. There are different types of face yoga exercises. But in all, you need to feel comfortable with the process and enjoy it all the way. Also, you need warmth to keep it going but you shouldn’t experience discomfort or pain in any of the exercises.

Irrespective of the exercise, you need to always start by washing your hands and face. As you will need your fingers to glide through your face, you might need to add some cleansing balm, serum, or oil to your fingers. This makes it slippery and the process much easier for you.

The following are some of the best face yoga exercises that you can consider if you are looking to improve the value of your face. With each of these exercises, you will be able to improve the general condition of your face and achieve all that you want.

1. Tension Relief:

Tension Relief is a highly sensitive face yoga exercise, if done properly you will be amazed at how well it can help reduce eye strain and keep you calm during the day and make you feel less stressed.  All that this exercise involves is stimulating the acupressure point on your face. To achieve this, all you have to do is follow the following steps;

  • Start by pressing the inner corner of your eyes. This should be done for 30 seconds while you stay in a position
  • After doing that, you will need to circle gently in a single direction for another 30 seconds
  • To round it all up, repeat the same process in the opposite direction

After constant practice, you can use this routine to sleep better or calm down in the middle of a hectic day with a lot of troubles

2. Eye Circles:

Eye Circles is another highly effective face yoga exercise with a lot to offer when done properly. It helps to naturally boost the circulation of oxygen in the face and helps get rid of puffiness. To get this done properly, you will need to use light and featherweight touches. The following will put you through how to use this face yoga exercise;

  • Start by placing your ring fingers at the inner end of your eyebrows
  • After doing that, you will need to gently tap the outside of your eyebrows using your fingers
  • Take a few seconds to press your temples. While doing this, gently side your fingers down to your cheekbones and massage them to the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Lastly, do this repeatedly for 30 seconds until you are satisfied with the routine.

3. Brow Smoother:

Brow Smoother is a special exercise that aims to help you relax your frontalis muscles. The Frontalis muscle is a large muscle at the foremost part of the head. Being your forehead, it is always exposed to stiffness, rigidity, and stress. Brow smoother is designed to reduce this stress and keep it in its best state. The following steps will help you to achieve this;

  • To practice Brow smoother, the first thing you will have to do is place your fingers at the center of your forehead. Make sure your fingers are facing inwards
  • As you gently move your fingers towards the temples of your face, use your fingertips to press your forehead.
  • After doing that, release your fingers and repeat the whole process after 30 seconds.

4. Neck Massage:

Brow Smoother exercise aims to eliminate the tensions around your neck and boost your lymphatic drainage. With this, you will be able to make adjustments to the sagging skin on your neck and jaw. It’s an effective way to manage this situation and keep your face in a good state. To get this done, all you have to do is follow these steps;

  • The first thing you will need to do is tilt your head back slightly and put your finger at the top end of your neck.
  • Locate your collarbone and apply press as you glide your fingers through it gently
  • Before removing your heads, use a few seconds to press your collarbone. This process should continue for 30 seconds with no intervals.

5. Jaw Unlocker:

. Jaw Unlocker is a powerful routine that involves your neck and jaw. If done properly, you will notice a significant change in that part of your body.  All you have to do is massage your jaw using your fingers in a circular motion

How Often Do You Need to Practice Face Yoga to See Results?

To get the best before and after face yoga, all you have to do is do the exercise daily. There is no standard when it comes to how long you need to practice. However, most professionals recommend that you repeat the exercises between five to forty minutes daily. It all depends on how much you have for the whole process. But make sure you don’t pressure yourself all in the name of trying to get quick results. Just keep doing what you can when you can.

Face Yoga Before & After Result:

When you practice face yoga, Face yoga before and after Result is always very obvious. For a start, you will notice a reduction in the wrinkles on your face and a compact appearance of your face muscles. With this, you will have a firm face that appears bright and happy.

Face yoga also has a way of boosting your self-esteem and confidence because you are confident in how you appear to the outside world. This will also contribute to how you express yourself and stay happy.


If all you want is a better facial appearance, then all that has been shared here on self-care techniques to soften, strengthen and stretch your face muscles is all you need to achieve your goals. Take your time to read through again if you need more clarity and repeat the process again and again. Remember, practice makes perfect. You just have to practice as often as you can to get what you want.

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