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10 Best Pilates Rings of 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews.

Medically Reviewed by Ashley Rosa

Written by Better Yoga Life Staff

Published on March 21, 2022

Pilates ring is modern workout equipment that was designed for people who want to get back into shape. We take a look at why this small piece of equipment is becoming so popular, and how it can help you improve your physical health and well-being. Pilates ring is a great workout equipment for those who have back problems. There are special training programs that you can use the Pilates ring with. Things like pull ups, abdominals, arms and other things will be very easy to do with a Pilates ring. As a newbie or Expert you should try best pilates rings. We will explore the concept of Pilates ring and how it can offer immense benefits to the users.

What is a Pilates Ring?

The Pilates ring, also known as a magic circle or fitness circle, is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for strength training, flexibility and rehabilitation. Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s and originally called the Flex-Ring, it was made up of two rubber-coated metal circles joined by springs. Although the design has changed over the years, the basic idea remains. The current most popular design features an outer foam-covered plastic circle with two handles on each side.

Top 10 Best Pilates Rings List:

We have listed below the top 10 pilates rings in the market recommended by experts. Scroll down for more information!

1. ProBody Pilates Ring: 

Introducing the premium, professional pilates ring by ProBody! This is the perfect exercise tool for sculpting and toning your arms, shoulders, chest, inner and outer thighs, abs, hips and legs. Made of high-quality fiberglass reinforced ABS plastic and a padded foam grip covered with an anti-slip nylon to protect your hands while doing your exercise routines. Ensuring your safety while maximizing a challenging workout experience is our top priority, which is why we fitted this Pilates Ring with cushion pads on the handles? Compatible with workouts focusing on upper body exercises: thrusts, squats, presses, raises and curls.


  • Helps to improve balance
  • You will be able to store this ring with ease since it is lightweight
  • Helps you perform a variety of workouts with immense ease
  • It is a quality ring that lasts for a long time to come


  • The downside is that the ring may bend easily.

2. RitFit 14” Pilates Ring:

The RitFit 14” Pilates Ring is a dual-handle ring that features non-slip rubber grips making it easy to grab and hold onto. It’s crafted with exercise in mind – work your inner and outer thighs, upper arms, chest, shoulders and more! It’s made with high quality ABS plastic, while the handles are built to be both strong and comfortable. The special padded foam handles ensure a more comfortable grip during use. The Fitness Ring also comes with an exercise guide which will teach you several different exercises on how to use this fitness accessory.


  • The best thing about this ring is that it is flexible
  • RitFit ring does not fit in the bag with ease
  • What you will appreciate about this ring is that it is affordable


  • The manufacturer has to think along the lines to improve the resistance

 3. URBNFit Pilates Ring:

URBNFit Pilates Ring – resistance training, body toning and fat burning at your fingertips. Get in shape fast with the URBNFit Pilates ring. Ideal for both women and men, the URBNFit Pilates Ring is also known as a magic circle. It was developed by Joseph Pilates as part of his exercise system. Versatile, lightweight and durable, the URBNFit pilates ring can be used to tone and strengthen your arms, legs and core muscles. The resistance provided by the ring helps target and build muscle tone in many ways, including by tightening your inner thighs and increasing lower body strength and flexibility.


  • You can do low impact exercises with immense ease with this ring
  • Comes with sweat resistant handles
  • The best thing about this ring is that it is portable


  • The ring misses out on a workout guide

 4. STOTT Pilates Fitness Circle Pro:

The STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Pro is an innovative workout tool designed to challenge your muscles in new ways. This versatile and portable exerciser adds resistance to your Pilates and toning exercises, helping you improve core strength, muscle tone and posture.

Developed by the STOTT PILATES® in partnership with The WundaBar™ Pilates studio, the new Fitness Circle Pro offers two levels of resistance and a longer handle that provides a better grip to accommodate wider body types and a broader range of exercises.


  • You will find the ring to be a comfortable option
  • The best part is that you can look forward to improved design with this ring
  • You can find the best size range


  • The manufacturer needs to improve the durability of this ring

 5. ProsourceFit Pilates 14” Resistance Ring:

The ProsourceFit Pilates 14” Resistance Ring is an essential home gym tool for pilates, yoga and overall strength training. The toning ring provides the user with a challenging and effective exercise experience, targeting specific muscle groups without straining joints and muscles. Non-slip handles are comfortable to grasp and provide a good grip, while the padded foam cushion surface gives an extra level of protection to the body. Portable design makes it easy to bring along on business trips and vacations.


  • The ring tends to offer light resistance
  • You will find the handles to be a comfortable option
  • The good news is that the ring is easy to use


  • The manufacturer needs to improve the packaging

 6. STOTT Pilates Toning Ring 2-Pack:

Wider than most other Pilates Rings, the STOTT Pilates Toning Ring is 15″ in diameter and features two comfortable handles. A padded non-slip grip assures you’ll be able to maintain a secure hold during any workout. The resistance provided by the ring allows you to perform more challenging exercises and intensify your workout. This portable exercise equipment can be used anywhere as part of a Pilates routine or as an added strength-training benefit to any workout. Includes a carrying case for use at home, office or on the go!


  • The ring looks appealing to the eyes
  • Available in a perfect size
  • The ring exhibits superior quality


  • The ring is a bit heavy

 7. Yogalo Pilates Series Pilates Ring:

The Yogalo Pilates Ring is an award-winning resistance tool for sculpting problem areas in the upper and lower body.  Its flexible design gently contours your muscles, activating them more deeply than other fitness tools, to reshape the arms, inner thighs, hips, tummy, and seat.  The result is a longer, leaner body with less body fat in just minutes a day.

The Yogalo Pilates Circle features two large foam pads for ultimate comfort and grip. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced Pilates enthusiasts to tone, strengthen, and stretch your body. The resistance of the ring can help you achieve the results you are looking for in a very short time.


  • Available with padded handles to offer comfort
  • You can look forward to improved stability because of the ball available
  • It will be easy for you to use this ring in an effective way


  • The workout pamphlet is missing

8. AeroPilates Magic Circle with DVD:

The AeroPilates Magic Circle is a versatile and portable piece of equipment that adds increased intensity to your Pilates exercise through its unique resistance. Designed to intensify the workout and target specific muscle groups, the AeroPilates Magic Circle was developed from Joseph Pilates’ very own Classical Ring. You’ll become stronger, more flexible and leaner as you combine it with your Reformers workouts to achieve a full-body experience.


  • The ring has a moisture resistant cover so it is easy to clean
  • Has a strong structure
  • Available with DVD instructions


  • You will find the ring to be a bit heavy

9. AmazonBasics Pilates Ring Workouts Exercise Fitness:

The AmazonBasics Pilates Ring provides a winning combination of versatility and safety. Designed to improve strength and enhance range of motion for a thorough workout, the ring has comfortable foam padding and lightweight yet durable frame that’s easy to grip and maneuver. Perfect for home or travel, the 14-inch ring is ideal for any pilates practice level, from beginner to advanced.


  • The ring has a superior quality
  • You will find this ring to be reasonably priced
  • You will not face any issues in using this ring


  • The cushion quality needs to be improved

10. NAYOYA Pilates Ring:

The NAYOYA Pilates Ring is all you need to tone and sculpt your hips, thighs and arms. The ring provides the resistance needed to create long lean muscles in all areas that are targeted. This versatile piece of equipment helps to speed up warm-up and cool down time, or can be used independently with hundreds of exercises to sculpt a body that looks and feels years younger. The ring offers 14″ of resistance so it fits most exercise routines.


  • Offers great resistance
  • It offers immense flexibility
  • Easy to carry around


  • The durability of this ring is questionable

Why is Pilates Ring a Good Idea for Yoga?

The ring is the perfect training tool for building muscle strength and endurance, improving flexibility, and developing body awareness and control. It has a smooth, comfortable grip that provides controlled resistance to help you strengthen your muscles.

The resistance of the ring helps to activate your core muscles and glutes, which are essential for maintaining good posture. The ring also helps to improve your balance. You can do yoga perfectly using pilates ring. You can get a DVD with pilates rings or instructions video where you can get all the details about how to do yoga using pilates ring.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Ring?

  • Strengthens Muscles:

One of the top benefits of using a Pilates ring is that it helps to strengthen your abs and muscles in your arms, legs and back. The ring provides resistance as you perform exercises that target the muscles in these areas. For example, if you place the ring at your feet and push down with your legs while squeezing the ring together, this helps to strengthen your leg muscles. Or if you place the ring in between your thighs and squeeze together while performing crunches or sit-ups, this helps to strengthen your core muscles.

  • Increases Flexibility:

Another benefit of using a Pilates ring is that it helps to increase flexibility in the body.

What to Do Pilates Ring Do?

The Pilates ring is a simple but effective tool for strengthening your inner thighs, arms, chest, butt, and abs. The resistance provided by the Pilates ring helps you achieve better form and deeper muscle engagement in your body.

The Pilates ring has two padded handles on either side so you can hold it with your hands or place your feet inside the handles to work your legs and inner thighs during exercise. It’s an excellent way to add resistance without adding weight as well as tone up any part of your body quickly!

How to Choose a Best Pilates Ring?

When shopping for a Pilates ring, there are a few considerations to take into account before making your purchase. First and foremost, choose a ring that is comfortable to use due to its padding and construction. You should be able to tightly grip the handles without straining your hands or wrists. Additionally, check that the overall quality of the ring is up to par. Avoid purchasing rings with rough edges or weak construction as these can break away from the handles during use.

In addition to choosing a durable ring that offers good grip.

How We Evaluated?

Here is how we evaluated:

  • Price: 

The price of a Pilates ring is largely dependent on the brand and quality of the product itself. We looked at all prices ranging from $10-$100, with an average price of around $30. The low-end rings were usually made from plastic or foam and had no handles while higher-end rings cost more due to their materials (wood) or extra features like padded grips and straps.

  • Features:

 These include things like adjustable resistance levels, soft handles that won’t slip out of your hands when sweating profireshly after using them for long periods of time without taking breaks (in this case we recommend looking into buying a pair). We also considered whether or not there was an option to purchase replacement parts if anything breaks down over time (examples include replacing broken springs).


Pilates ring can be a good help when you need to strengthen your arm muscles, train endurance and flexibility of the lower limbs and back. The body is perfectly balanced in any position, the abdominal muscles are strongly contracted and the spine is straight.

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