Better Yoga Life Editorial Guidelines

At Better Yoga Life, our primary objective is to provide our readers with honest, accurate, and reliable reviews on beauty and wellness products. We are committed to helping consumers make informed decisions by delivering high-quality content that reflects our core principles and editorial standards. To ensure that our reviews maintain the highest level of credibility and usefulness, we have established the following guidelines:


1. Transparency: We are dedicated to transparent and unbiased reporting. Our readers can trust that our reviews are independent of any outside influence, and we aim to maintain transparency in all aspects of our content creation.

2. Accuracy: We strive to present accurate, factual information in our reviews. Our writers are committed to diligent research and fact-checking to ensure the credibility of the information presented.

3. Relevance: We focus on products and topics that are relevant to our readers’ interests, ensuring our reviews are informative and valuable to our audience.

4. User-Centric: Our reviews aim to cater to our readers’ needs. We consider what our audience is looking for in a product review and provide the information they need to make informed decisions.


1. All information presented in our reviews, including product claims, specifications, and statistics, is rigorously fact-checked. Any inaccuracies are corrected promptly.

2. We verify the credibility of sources and data used in our reviews, ensuring that our content is based on reliable and up-to-date information.

The Yoga & Wellness Review Board:

1. We have a dedicated team of experts with extensive knowledge in the Yoga, health and wellness industry who review and validate the information presented in our content.

2. Our Review Board plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy, quality, and objectivity of our reviews.

Writers & Sources:

1. Our writers are experienced and knowledgeable in the beauty and wellness field. They adhere to ethical and professional writing standards.

2. We select sources and experts with expertise in the products and topics being reviewed to provide additional insights and credibility.

Corrections & Content Quality Updates:

1. In the event of an error or oversight in our content, we commit to correcting it promptly and transparently.

2. We regularly update our reviews to reflect changes in product performance, formulation, or any other relevant information, ensuring that our readers always have access to the most current information.

Diversity & Inclusion:

1. We are dedicated to ensuring that our reviews reflect the diversity of our readers and the beauty and wellness industry. We prioritize inclusivity in our content.

2. We actively seek to review and feature products and brands that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Editorial Ethics:

1. Our writers and reviewers adhere to a strict code of ethics, ensuring they are free from conflicts of interest and maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

2. We do not accept compensation or gifts from companies or brands in exchange for favorable reviews. Our content is impartial and unbiased.

Product Reviews:

1. Our reviews are comprehensive, covering product features, performance, user experiences, and any potential drawbacks.

2. We take into account the needs and preferences of different readers and highlight the aspects that matter most to them.

By following these editorial guidelines, we are committed to delivering high-quality Yoga, health and wellness reviews that our readers can trust. Our mission is to empower consumers with the information they need to make well-informed decisions and have confidence in their product choices.